3 Clothing Hacks for Men in Achieving a Muscular Look

3 Clothing Hacks for Men in Achieving a Muscular Look

Ever looked at the mirror and felt like you need to hit the gym? Do you subconsciously always try to hunch your shoulders to make them appear a bit broader? Planning on starting that diet because your friends say they can see your tummy way before your chest? We have listed clothing hacks for men in achieving a muscular look.

If your response to any of these questions is a yes, then this article is made for you. Of course, nobody’s perfect, and flaws must always exist. The truth is, while some flaws can have some adjustments with the right diet and exercise, these are not short term solutions. 

If you have a weekend date planned, we doubt 40 sets of push-ups or planks will be enough exercise to glide your way through. 

3 Clothing Hacks for Men in Achieving a Muscular Look

Now, everyone loves to look good, whether they admit it or not. And if you want to be a ladies man, what better way than to get in shape would do the trick?

So, if you need short-term solutions, we came up with three clothing hacks for men to help you make your way through. 

Now let’s get started, shall we?

1. Fit is Lit

Now that’s more than just a rhyme. Wearing what’s the right fit is not just lit but King! And by fit, we don’t mean body huggy. You have to go for something that accentuates your physique. If you’re skinny, going for too skinny attires or excessively baggy ones are a big NO. Instead, try out styles that are in between. A balanced fit is often best. This way, your attire makes up for whatever body mass you may lack while not appearing excessively bulky. 

2. Pay attention to Upper Torso Attires

Like the hourglass figure-enhancing attires for women, tops, shirts, and jackets/suits are fundamental aspects of the male attire. You may not have the legendary six-pack figure, but you certainly can make up that bulk. Now while you try to make up, this is different from overly padded shirts or jackets. You do want to avoid the pitfall of appearing overstuffed. 

Now here’s what to do, tailor your shirts or jackets to slim down on your lower torso but build-up at the chest and shoulders. 

Pocket shirts and collar neck tops also make your chest and shoulders buffier. The goal is to add some weight to those regions, and this would mean avoiding outfits that seem plastered on your skin, lightweight materials, and too loose shirts. 

3. Use of Complementing Accessories

Accessories! Yes, you read that right. The right accessories can always do the trick anytime any day. But here’s the bad side. Loud and oversized accessories only bring the wrong kind of spotlight.

So, the clothing hack for men is in determining what compliments you and not detracts you. 

Good thing, there’s a wide range of male accessories to pick from. There’s rings, watches, bracelets, ties, belts, and more.

If you’re on the skinny side, a piece of oversized jewelry or accessory will only emphasize how small your frame is. For those who belong to the bulky size or in between, anything not small in any way is fine. A piece of undersized jewelry or accessory would only appear ridiculous and make it obvious you’re way more significant than the jewelry or accessory. 

Now that you have these clothing hacks for men in mind, we hope you’re one step towards achieving that body figure you’ve always wanted. 

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