mannersforhim 7 Universal Men’s Fashion and Style You Need to Know

7 Universal Men’s Fashion and Style You Need to Know

You have your style, and it is unique. How many times did I hit this key here on the blog? Many. The definition of men’s fashion and style alone employs several aspects of the individual’s personality. In fashion, new forms are created and named for each context and situation we live in.

Today, we will introduce to you our loved and stylish reader seven styles that will change your life. But why seven? The seven universal ones were not invented overnight and must be interpreted with intelligence and sensitivity. Man has the same basic styles as a woman, and this was defined through theories and behavioral studies a long time ago (I promise that I will talk just a little bit about history).

Are you ready?

Men's Fashion and StyleThe 7 universal standards of style were determined in the 1980s by Diane Parente and Alyce Parsons, two American image consultants who developed the theory of universal style from marketing studies on consumer profiles and behaviors. The standards are still used today and serve as a guide to the market for new products, style advice, and personal branding. A milestone not only for fashion professionals but for all marketers.

So, the universal men’s fashion and style defined are:
– Sportive/Natural;
– Traditional/Classic;
– Elegant;
– Modern/Dramatic;
– Romantic;
– Sexy/Seductive; and
– Creative.

First, let’s understand a little more about the concept of these universal men’s fashion and style. You may have seen dozens of it, and you may still be wondering “But why seven?”, Am I right? Just to name a few examples, including some famous ones from the magazines around the world, we’ve heard about rocker style, indie style, lumbersexual, geek, hipster, dandy, swagger… These are styles determined by the trend, by the way, that a group dresses, they are almost like tribes. Even so, it is possible to see universal styles in some of them as well.

In universal styles, personality is in evidence for the construction of their appearance. Behavior tastes and even physical characteristics can influence a person’s style. Those who think they are following a single trend pattern are also wrong. You can, for example, have something traditional and sporty, like romantic and creative. Moments and situations will add two or even three style patterns to it, thus forming your unique style of being and communicating through your image.

Casual moments, or not, day, night, heat, cold. These situations will not influence your style. It’s just moments. An elegant man is not one who wears a suit and tie all the time as a sporting man can also go to a formal event and continue in his style. It is just a reflection of what each one puts together, matching the behavior, physical aspects, fabrics, cuts, and the colors of the clothes.

Now, to be an expert and understand each one of the men’s fashion and style, come with me!

FIRST STYLE: The Sportive/Natural

The sporty man is practical and values comfort. His style is more comfortable in casual moments, but that does not mean that his form is totally indifferent. Casual is just a moment, a situation.
It may seem like this man is not vain, but in fact, he just looks for practicality even in the small details and will not spend hours getting ready to go out. Despite being a very informal style, you can expect to see him dressed in more formality too, and check below how well he manages it all.
Keywords for the style: Comfort and Practicality.
Style features: Functionality, Natural shoulders without losing the waist, and like overlaps. The design and cuts are totally informal and classic with a looser fit.
Colors: Neutrals like beige, navy, white, black, and earthy tones.
Fabrics: Prefers natural ones like cotton, without shine and textures like knitting, suede, and knitwear.
Prints: Medium or small.
Haircuts: Natural, practical, and with movement.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: jeans, sneakers with flat soles, and T-shirts.
Professions where you can find the style: Most frequent in the areas of human and social sciences, communication and information, engineering, and connected with the environment.
Can fit the following styles: Basic, Fisherman, Street / Urban, Adventurer, among others.

SECOND STYLE: The Traditional / Classic

Men with classic and traditional styles tend to be more conservative when it comes to how to dress. They avoid the extremes of men’s fashion and style and will never be seen boldly.

In terms of personality, he belongs to the serious side, being considered responsible, efficient, and organized. This style is hard to use in warm weather, so, in some states of the United States, they are not applicable.
It will be a challenge to maintain the tradition on a hot night, for example. It is prevalent to see the classic man mix it a little with the elegant or sporty styles in some hot situations, as you can see below.

Keywords: Conservative and seriousness
Style features: More structured clothes in tailoring with few details, straight cuts, and slightly marked shoulders. They always want to be suitable for the occasion.
Colors: Neutrals like gray, off white, and black.
Fabrics: They like expensive materials, and some are considered opaque. Cold wool, jersey, tailoring, silk, and tweed.
Prints: Classic as stripes and pinstripes
Haircut: Simple and controlled.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: Dark costumes, white shirt, and black shoes.
Professions where you can find the style: Identify themselves with positions that demand greater responsibility, credibility, and trust. Standard in the financial and legal areas.
It can fit the following styles: Yuppie, among others.

THIRD: The Elegant

For some people, the elegant man can be mistaken by the traditional. Not that the usual is not a stylish man, the difference is in the way that he sees the world and the fashion trends, Has a change in the personality.
The elegant man is always impeccable and always invests in the best of the best. Pieces with fabulous fabrics and a lot of durabilities. He knows fashion and style and knows what he is doing. They are very self-assured and sophisticated.

They like to be timeless, use matching tones, monochromatic colors, and custom accessories. They are suitable for casual, informal and formal, heat and cold.

Keywords: Sophistication, security, and elegance
Style features: They are suitable for any occasion and always match everything. They use classic cuts, smooth and straightforward, with few details. Their waist is slightly marked.
Colors: Neutrals like gray, white, black, navy, and uses earthy tones too. They love the monochrome because it conveys elegance.
Fabrics: They like the finest ones like raw wool and natural materials like cotton, linen, and silk.
Prints: Stripes and polka dots.
Haircut: Always well maintained regardless of the cut.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: Cotton shirts, linen, tailoring pants, and moccasin shoes.
Professions where you can find the style: They were born to lead and know how to communicate. Entrepreneurs and leadership positions in various sectors of the economy.
It can fit the following styles: Dandy, timeless, among others.

FOURTH: Modern / Dramatic

The style for those who know how to dare without losing their elegance. The modern style draws attention and is always attentive to fashion trends.
They have a more urban style and innovate a lot in the most formal moments, and without losing that drama.

Keywords: Trendy and sophistication.
Style features: Use structured shapes with few details. Straight lines and a lot of information.
Colors: White, black, red, purple, and blue, but they know how to use neutral tones like gray and earth tones.
Fabrics: Heavy with more closed wefts.
Prints: Geometric and abstract. They know how to use large prints properly.
Haircut: Geometric, asymmetrical, urban, and controlled.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: Printed shirts, dark colors, sneakers, and shoes with details.
Professions where you can find the style: Artists, Fashion, and Beauty sectors
It can fit the following styles: 80s, gothic, fashionista, muppie, among others.

FIFTH: The Romantic

The romantic style is more delicate; they use smooth lines, curves, and unstructured shapes. Usually, those who have this style are kind, gentle, cheerful, and friendly.

Men in this style also know how to dare by rocking colors and combinations very well.

Keywords: Refined and gentle.
Style features Use curved, natural lines, and structured shapes.
Colors: very light tones and shades.
Fabrics: Fluid with a smooth texture.
Prints: They like floral and delicate prints.
Haircut: Hair with movement and rounded.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: Floral prints, bow tie, blazer in light colors, and shorts.
Professions where you can find the style: Professions connected to the beauty and fashion sectors.
Can fit the following styles: Geek chic and even indie.

SIXTH: The Sexy/Seductive

Men in this style tend to be reliable. This is their characteristic since they like to take care of themselves, take care of their health and body. The sexy style is for the authentic, confident men who know how to be charismatic.
These men keep up with the trends and know how to wear clothes that make them sexy without being ordinary, as far as they go. They like to wear clothes that value their body as a tighter waistband and deep collars.

Keywords: Dominance and Sensuality.
Characteristics of style: The need for a trend is more psychological and has the power of mastery. Carries a fitted silhouette and marked waist.
Colors: Black, white, red, and dark blue.
Fabrics: Structured and tight, with shine and textures. Leather is always a remembered piece.
Prints: Value the trim more than anything.
Haircut: Peaked hair.
What pieces can’t miss in the wardrobe: Tight shirt, metal accessories, leather jacket, and Chelsea boots.
Professions where you can find the style: Artists, physical education teachers, speakers, musicians, models, and people working in the field of communication.
Can fit the following styles: Lumbersexual, rocker, swagger, punk, street, among others.

SEVENTH: The Creative

Real artists in the way of dressing. Those who have this style are not afraid to innovate and do not follow the rules. People with an innovative, creative, independent, exotic, and always confident personality.

Colorful clothes or not, uses the most varied fabrics, prints, patterns, and different shoes. Accessories are also part of the creative lifestyle.

Keywords: Creativity, Self-confidence, and Art.
Style features: Mixed styles in an artistic way with striking colors and different fabrics. They don’t follow the rules, and yet they know how to conduct their style.
Colors: Vibrant, contrasting, and even neutral colors.
Fabrics: The most mixed, from the lightest to the heaviest.
Prints: Mix colors, use geometries and designs.
Haircut: Bold hair.
What can’t miss in the wardrobe: Printed shirt and colorful pants.
Professions where you can find the style: Artists, people who work in fashion, designers, and advertisers
It can fit the following styles: Street, urban, indie, geek, rocker, dandy, boho, among others.

Men's Fashion and Style
It is not the catwalk fashion or trends that change every day, but street fashion, people’s fashion, the way that serves as self-expression. The manner that makes you identify yourself with specific pieces and love them madly because they are the highest expression of something that you identify with…. a lot.

Elegant pieces, stripped pieces, pieces, unlike anything, super contemporary, super male, and classic pieces.

What is your tribe? What represents you? What distinguishes you from the crowd?

What makes you have that unique style, which is only yours, and makes you happy and confident? Do you know what your style is?

It probably is a mix of many of the men’s fashion and style we showed here today, and this is amazing. Because those styles are the base to anything else that you decide to use, and we love that! Write to us in the comments and let us know which style is yours!

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