mannersforhim Beard for Men: Unleash your Secret Weapon

Beard for Men: Unleash your Secret Weapon

The time when the beard for men was a symbol of rebellion is long gone. Today, it’s evidence that the person aborted the thought of having a clean face. Within the fashion shows, tv shows, and magazines of notable brands, we observe, for instancetons of models and actors (until cartoons) adopting the hair on their faces.

The beard for men is back to the planet, from day by day to the corporative world. Every man that desires to point out some additional respect and strength features a beard, did you notice?

Beard for Men - Manners for Him

Every bearded man may be a hero. Don’t you think? We do! Nerd games aside, their facial hair, when well taken care of, can awaken a secret side hidden from a person. That face is filled with real powers that make a huge difference within the routine. Unleashing the facility of the beard is important to success within the modern days.

Man can bring these hidden powers as a secret weapon if he directs it correctly. And ask guys like Lasse Martberg or maybe Philippe Dumas. Damn, even Dan Bilzerian has his feats with a beard, and only money isn’t one among them.

Let’s determine what these secrets are and the way you’ll awaken the key powers of your beard and transform it into a devastating weapon!

The Super Strength

The Super Strength may be a power that comes with a real growth beard. have you ever seen a woodcutter at work? Some legends from WFC or MMA? Hell, even an experienced bricklayer knows what proportion beard gives him that extra dose of strength. Of course, facial hair alone isn’t enough to ensure a hefty men’s power, but without it, unleash your secret Weaponhe won’t have that desired bonus of strength.

To release the facility of your beard to your muscles, follow a correct diet, which mainly stimulates blood circulation. Not counting the direct care with the beard, over time, you guarantee this hidden strength to your facial hair and awaken a bearded power like individual fighters. And if you’re complaining about effort, remember that even heroes had to coach for an extended time until they reached the extent they have.

The Super Seduction

We said it once, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it for the bearded men who still don’t know about the secret weapon hidden on their facial hair. The first thing you need to know is that a man with a beard is considered sexier by women. This was confirmed in a survey carried out by a North American university. The institution showed pictures of men to hundreds of women.

About 80% of the interviewees chose the images of the men with either the unshaven or the bearded ones. Whoa, we are at the top! There are the gallant, expensive braggers who think they are the king of the track. And there are the seducers, men who have a natural charm, but in fact, they developed it by acquiring a little more confidence, in addition to combining opportunities with style and a good chat.

Guess what factor that triggered this hidden “X-gene” was? Proper care of the beard, whether in the constant use of facial hair products or grooming (check our product recommendations below). Suddenly, you realize that you have a charm here or there that before it was not possible to notice with a smooth face. Those smiles of other people start to appear unpretentious. Like any hero, you look for new possibilities with your recently discovered gifts.

The Super Responsibility

It sounds like a title in a self-help or finance book. But this power located on your beard is more in what you can do with yourself than it does naturally to other people. Believe me, man, being a responsible guy is a power that has become rare today, and when a bearded man demonstrates these gifts, he gains even more respect from his peers.

And this is a power that has been confirmed by science too! There are researches out there that show the potential of beards as a social tool. More precisely, a bearded guy passes on more confidence and experience to other people, mainly when he is well trimmed and with a sharp look.

But, for this potential to be fully exploited, it takes a little more dedication. You can start with facial hair care: create a good beard care routine, from using products like a balm, beard conditioner, and beard oil (don’t forget to grab yours below), and slowly you start to organize and use your products correctly. Believe me! This power of responsibility has many other exciting benefits that you will discover along the way.

The Super Health

This is a power that develops naturally when your beard is well looked after. You hardly ever see a sick bearded man. The barded have one common characteristic when they take good care of their facial hair: they develop impressive health.

Notice how they take time to get old, and when they arrive there, all the benefits follow. Observe how they get healthier with diseases like colds and flu – which is even more important in cold weather -, or even their morals are not shaken. This is a sign that beards give an almost instant power to the vigor of life. Although the beard for men gives a tone of greater seriousness and maturity, it helps with maintaining the skin tone, and the aging process is delayed. Yes, your beard can be that source of youth too!

The beard also softens asthma. The mustache would serve as a kind of filter during breathing. It would prevent asthma triggers from entering the airways, according to the British doctor at London Clinic Harley Street, Dr. Feliz Chua. The English expert also states that as the beard for men acts as a physical barrier at lower temperatures.

Bearded men are real tanks of war when it comes to health and endurance. Do you know the power we mentioned above about taking good care of your facial hair and developing a functional responsibility for them? Well then, this invigorated health is a direct consequence of these gifts. And just like two classic bearded comics, Asterix and Obelix, you can achieve the same with a strengthening beard lotion.

Super Respect

Was there a time when a man with a beard was not hired in almost any big corporation? If you would like to get a dream job, it was necessary to be shaved! This trend has changed. Now, beards for men mean more a smart and intelligent look to the corporative world than the “dirty face” from the past.

When a man shaves all his facial hair, do you remember the name given to the look with a washed face? Some call it “baby’s butt,” others call it “child’s face.” In any case, this reference to children is linked to a more vulnerable and fragile appearance.

Today, a beard generates more respect. It tends to give an air of seriousness and quickly opens a business’s door as it conveys maturity. The use of facial hair also softens the skin. With them, the facial tissue is more sanitized, as we have to wash the beard regularly to keep it clean.

In ancient times, the bearded man was the wise and experienced man, and also the great fearless hero. The look of the man with a beard is the look of someone who has a lot of experience, a look of extreme confidence. You earn the status of a serious man. Consequently, it is possible to impose more respect, which makes people appreciate their posture and opinions. So, let’s put that razer aside and prepare yourself to unleash the honor of an alpha-male.

The Super Multiface

A power like the multifaceted, in comics, is often related to villains, guys who hide their real face amid so many others. Most of the time, this is a clear metaphor for how the lack of identity can be harmful.  And what does this have to do with beards? Well, a few things, but in a positive way.

This need not be an evil power, as its purpose is not to harm anyone. But having multiple faces means that you have a tasty variety of styles with a beard for men and that you can change your face entirely with good creativity. And don’t forget that this applies equally to your hair and your look.

You agree that with a smooth face, there is no way to change much. That’s it. With a beard, it is possible to have several styles according to the situation, mood, and desire. You can change from a super full and thick beard to just the mustache in focus, or choose a designed style, like the goatee. The options are limitless, and it will be hard to get tired of them!

That way, you can experiment with different styles until you find those that have everything to do with your personality. Nothing makes a man more confident and satisfied than being happy with his appearance and with that feeling that he is in charge of his life.

The beard is a characteristic that is part of the men’s body. That is, it grows naturally even if he doesn’t want to. Assuming a look with a respectful beard can do wonders for his image and psychology and be a way to reconnect with his wild nature.

And look at a helpful comparison: chameleons are amiable animals, which camouflage perfectly in any environment. David Bowie, one of rock’s most brilliant artists, was also known as Chameleon precisely for allowing changes in the look. If you want to unleash the power of your beard, just let your creativity flow with facial hair.

A little last trick (more frivolous I know): A beard for men disguises skin imperfections, acne marks, or lack of angle in the jaws. Just this previous trick alone was enough to make many grow a beard, I know.

Now, you ever pay attention to how superheroes sound insatiable with a beard? Even the shaved ones, when they decide that it is time to buckle up and win the war, they put up a badass beard and always works. Even DC placed a beard on Superman in the Men of Steel movie. It is inevitable. The beard’s mood arrived to share its secret power with all of us. Man, get ready to conquer the world!

We can spend the day talking about the various superpowers that facial hair reserves, and to those that aren’t afraid to awaken them will reach another level of influence. Go ahead, start slow, and unleash all the facilities that a beard can bring back you. No, you do not need a cape of a fancy dress for that, just a gorgeous hair cut matching your style will do the trick.

Manners for Him features a wide selection of products for all types of beards for men and skin types and solutions to several problems a person can have! Inspect below our recommendations, and to understand all the gathering, click here!

Do you think we forgot to mention a superpower here? Share yours in the comments, and we will add it to the list.  Ah! And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter where you will receive news, promos, and discounts!

See you inside!

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