Like a house, men’s fashion needs a strong foundation to build on. These foundations are said to be like important pillars that supplement and complement each other. They are CONFIDENCE and LOOKS. A deficiency in one or both is the perfect recipe for disaster.


Today, many men, fashion kings or not, like to spice up their dressing game. They openly experiment with buying the latest power suits or sports jackets to keep up the trend. However that doesn’t mean everyone is aceing their game. When things go haywire, some usually do prefer to stick to the normal, safe and plain options in men’s fashion.

If you want to turn any bad fashion experiment into your personal show, if you want to use men’s fashion to build your confidence or if you want to be confident regardless of whatever men style you don,

Here is an article that can guide you on how to know and master these skills  to boost your advantage and make you feel amazing all at once.


What is Confidence?

Confidence is the feeling of self-assurance and belief arising from an appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities. It simply means having trust in one’s self. When a man is self-confident, he has accepted his body and his mind-not in an arrogant or egotistical way, but in a more realistic and secure way. Being confident doesn’t make you superior to another, it just makes you satisfied and less doubtful.


Men’s fashion typically revolves around elegant, sophisticated, stylish, slick or cool outfits and accessories which can be customized or not to achieve a desired effect. But sometimes, all the hard work put through can unfortunately go down the drain. This poses a challenge for many people who feel that to be confident, they need to wear extravagant pieces of clothing. Being confident isn’t about what you wear but how others see you. So, automatically it’s up to you to decide what kind of impression you want people to perceive. Your posture and the way you speak either sends a positive message or a wrong one.


Also, in fashion everyone is unique. Even when following fashion trends, some people create an edge by incorporating their personal style to it. You need confidence to express creativity. You have to be confident on the inside before you can be comfortable presenting yourself on the outside. And how you present yourself matters. Every time you dress in your personal style, you showcase a character or identity in yourself which tells people who you are. This can add flair to your outfit and improve your image.


It fosters individuality. Through men’s fashion, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses. The way you dress has a profound effect on how you feel about yourself. Each piece of clothing donned on the body is a process and it adds up to your layer of confidence. Simple details on your fashion can transform your appearance every time.You don’t need exotic clothes to bring out your charm.


Men’s fashion does not necessarily make a man, but it does make a man. It affects the way we see ourselves. They help us to be seen in the light we wish to be and also exude our personalities and social status. Not only is it a great experience to feel more confident, it will also change the way others react to you.If people are impressed by your appearance, they’ll be more inclined to approach you and make a connection which will increase your confidence.


What are Looks?

This is a person’s physical appearance aesthetically. As the saying goes, looking good is good business. In men’s style, your appearance matters a lot. Having a clean appearance not only makes you stand out, but it also builds a measure of your confidence.


Never underestimate the value of your appearance in fashion. This is because your appearance sums up your overall worth and makes you look impeccable. For example, even if you wear designer jeans but your appearance looks scruffy, you’ll only send negative vibes your way. Whereas, as long as your appearance is clean, even if you don a simple white tee with blazers and jean cut-offs, you’ll send a positive message to people and they’ll view you as responsible and mature.


From skin care to shaving, there are plenty of ways you can maintain your appearance. Always keep your skin moist and fresh by using lotions and moisturizers. Prevent shaving rash, acne and bumps. Drink enough water  and take vitamins and supplements daily. Endeavor to maintain your personal hygiene. Establish a simple grooming regime such as brushing your hair and cutting your nails. Invest in your smell by wearing deodorant or using any cologne with a great scent.


How can you strike a balance while building your confidence and looks in men’s fashion?

Confidence is more attractive than looks by themselves. But when you combine the both in men’s fashion, you create an aura that distinguishes you, draws people in and makes you feel in control. So what can you do? Set a scale for yourself. Purge your closet and throw out thrash. Curate your wardrobe to fit your taste. Get your clothes tailored. Buy new trendy signature pieces that fit right. Explore your options. Don’t get stuck in a style rut. Get out of your comfort zone. Choose different styles which make you happy and capture attention. Combine your elements to make you look fantastic. Dress to feel confident and comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, chances are, you’ll not feel confident either. Flaunt your best assets.


Work with what you have and what you’ve got to your advantage. Always dress your age. Choose dynamic fabrics and outfits in motifs and patterns you love. Take pride in your appearance.


Surround yourself with positivity. Be bold and flexible in your colors. Don’t shy away from it. Whether it’s casual wear or formal wear, indulge in your colors. Choose silhouettes and hues that accentuates your shade. Opt for a casual but polished look. Don’t forget to mix up things a bit using quality accessories. If all fails, try black. Nothing boosts confidence and a man’s style like a monochrome shade of black.


And the best part, you don’t have to pick overly extravagant clothes to be in style. You can still wear classics that can stand the test of time. You can be simple and yet glamorous. You can be the best version of yourself through the clothes you wear.


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