mannersforhim 8 Facts You Need to Know About Business Travel Backpacks

8 Facts You Need to Know About Business Travel Backpacks

When you think of backpacks, what comes to your mind? The archaic version of bags served multi-purposes or the nerdy-looking unfashionable and a bit of a load to carry around? One that made you opt for carrying briefcases and purses on travels instead? I bet! Backpacks, like technology, have evolved over the years, including fashionable, trendy, and portable ones that guarantee comfort and a sense of security when in use. Business travel backpacks now have different versions that serve other purposes.

So, a business travel backpack? Of course! 

If you’re a business geek, worrying about comfort and safety on business trips, then a business backpack is your king! Designed with a two shoulder strap to ease loads and weight, providing you with a sense of balance, you don’t need to worry about closing those deals like a boss! This backpack is designed with sternum straps and hip belts that help you navigate crowds comfortably without having a luggage tagging behind you and piping up your worry about being sluggish and tired. With business travel backpacks, you get to maintain that professional look while basking in that comfortable feeling.

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Why travel backpacks when I have other options?

Let me guess, suitcases, luggage, briefcase, or sling bags? No way! These are the reasons why you need business travel backpacks.

  1. For comfort and less fatigue: Travelling with a business backpack guarantees your comfort. You don’t have to pull and tug at a piece of luggage behind you while maneuvering through crowds and feeling the ache in your shoulder blades. With a business travel backpack carefully padded at the shoulder with hip belts and sternum straps, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.
  2. Electronic gadgets: If you’re going on a trip with your laptop, essential documents, more chargers than and enough snacks, then you’re going to want a backpack to house all that.
  3. Flexibility: The ability to carry a backpack like a duffel bag or a briefcase gives the needed flexibility. It also does not wrinkle your suit around the shoulders, and still makes you retain that formal look.

How do I choose the right business backpacks?

Choosing the right business travel backpack can be quite daunting, stemming from the fact that there’s a wide range to choose from. Before you get a business backpack, consider these tips:

  1. Aesthetics of business: Black, gray or neutral colors fit perfectly with formal settings. You don’t want to buy a colored backpack for a business trip.
  2. Comfort: As mentioned earlier, to stay comfy throughout your journey, go for backpacks with ventilated back panels, well-padded shoulder straps, hip belts, and sternum straps, especially if you’ll be carrying heavier loads and want to minimize fatigue as much as possible.
  3. Weatherproof: To avoid being caught up in heavy downpours, look out for features such as coated fabrics, weatherproof zippers, and rain covers.
  4. Security: This is essential when you’re traveling with valuables. Go for backpacks with partially hidden compartments, sturdy zippers, and durable material that is hard to slash.
  5. Stylish: That you’re traveling with a backpack doesn’t mean you should go for ones that make you appear weird. Choose bags that reflect your style and add a whiff of flavor to your outlook.

Where to shop for classy business travel backpacks?

You can shop for your durable, stylish, and comfortable backpacks, like Nomatic Travel backpacks, Aer Travel Backpack 2, Tortuga Setput Backpack 45L, Arcido Faroe, and lots more at Manners and be assured of a fantastic business journey. 

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