mannersforhim What Homer Simpson Can Teach You About Fashion and Style for Men

What Homer Simpson Can Teach You About Fashion and Style for Men

As a protagonist of the longest-running sitcom in America, Homer Simpson, and his outfits has become an iconic symbol of the American culture – fashion and style for men. I know, you will say that he lacks social grace, is fat and greedy, has little or no intelligence, is impetuous, and takes unnecessary risks, but yet – somehow – he always succeeds.

From his infamous face to his emblematic “Doh!” catchphrase, to the love for “The Who” band to the outfits that he uses, Homer has a style that applies to that old fashion and style for men in American. Don’t you believe it? Come with me!

Fashion and Style for Men

Homer Simpson is what we call a retrosexual, out of fashion, without vanity, and many times unshaved, he is everything that a modern man will try to avoid and the female team. In this article, you will learn about our loved Homer style and some tips on how to build yours.

Many components define fashion and style for men. Many guys spend their entire lives without creating a point of view about their style. They dress like it’s an obligation, and if you are one of them, you are failing to communicate with one of the most potent nonverbal ways.

No kidding, if you knew what the appearance causes in terms of visual (and brain) stimuli, I think you would be more concerned with yours. It’s simple: dress like a winner, and you (and everybody around you) will feel like you are one.

In modern times, fashion and style for men is everything!

Let’s talk underwear: Underwear is like a book; you are reading three of them at the same time and still buy one more.  Of course, a book is something that adds to you, and one more book, it’s okay because you will end up reading it. The same thing happens with underwear. One more underwear adds to you. You will use it sooner or later. So, when you see a beautiful book cover, an attractive title, you buy it. So, man, when you’re shopping around, hit your eye on a pair of underwear, buy it! Buy and throw away an old one. Please!

Gils don’t look just the style of your shirt. They care about your underwear too. The choice is yours, show your bird dressed in a stretched old with undefined color underwear or show up in style? Homer uses one kind of underwear called a brief. The brief underwear is used by the macho retrosexual interested in showing it to the female club. When the piece loses its color and gets stretched, better don’t show it to anyone. God bless him!

Now, if you are that modern guy that doesn’t stay just in the monochromatic side of life, wants to drive the right attention and give wings of comfort to your bird, the boxer, cotton, stretchy version is the way to go. They come in unique colors and will match any outfit you have, even for those days that you are not planning to show it off. Check out the fashion and style below and start to grow your collection now.

Sleepwear is the must-have of any charming wardrobe: Many guys don’t appreciate this detail, but men’s loungewear clothes make a huge difference not only in style but also in self-esteem. And no, these pieces do not only include underwear. Sleepwear is even more critical when you are in a good company. Men’s sleepwear can be the best way to express your style. After all, since only you will see it at first, it is the chance to be at ease on your style, and little by little, test new possibilities.

Homer sleepwear also belongs to the retrosexual style; the variation goes between the blue grandma pajama to the old and very used plush robe that turns him ever rounder. Unfortunately, we can’t find any elegance in his choices, and the colors were in trend in the last century. It doesn’t matter. We love him anyway.

On the other hand, there is a real romanticism in the cinema about dressing gowns. See figures like characters from mobster movies with the brandy mug in hand and a classic robe. More than a luxury piece, the dressing gown is delightful to enjoy any space without being offensive. I mean, if you have a robe on, and you don’t have pajamas, it’s assumed that you don’t have another garment other than underwear. If you didn’t know, men’s pajamas were something widespread and even natural among those of the generation before your grandfather.

And now, they are coming back, subtly and gradually, but they are. Modern pajamas are summed up in a few combinations, but they leave the body much more peaceful for rest. And they can form an exciting way for the guys who want to surprise in the bed. Whether for sleep or other more traditional and particular intentions, I highly recommend the Manners for Him Collection, very versatile in styles.

Never the less, robes are quite varied. Besides the vibrant image offered, it is interesting to look at the many options suitable for your body.

After you choose the perfect size, style it with your favorite fabric, and if you use it to sleep, stick to more neutral and transparent colors. A red pajama, even if comfortable, will not give you the same rest as a blue or white one. The colors make a huge difference in those quiet times.


Wallets are that charming detail that makes all the difference: Homer Simpson uses that flip folded style of wallet that my grandfather uses to have, always leather, always brown, and resistant to time. I don’t think I ever saw him using a second wallet for his entire life, even after receive some as a Christmas gift. Like our loved Homer, he was an old-style man and could not imagine using something out of his comfort zone.

Coming back to modern times, before choosing the model of your wallet, you need to keep in mind what you are going to put inside. The analysis will define the right size for your needs and also the style of the wallet.

At this point, consider another vital fact: does your wallet need to carry your whole life inside? All cards, documents, souvenirs, lucky items, discount cards, and old invoices? Of course not? Taking all this in your wallet, in addition to being useless and increasing the volume of your pocket, can also be dangerous. In the case of you lose your wallet or get mugged.

So, go with the basics: credit card, some cash as guarantee, original document, and health insurance card – if you have one. Only! Think about the basics of everyday life and what you’re going to use.

Now, if you are on a business trip, we recommend you use something more classy and spacious to carry business cards, a pen, and a small note pad. In the business style, you can even fit your mobile phone. Check out the models we selected for you:

Ties bring all elegance and sophistication: Here is some news for you: the combination of shirt and tie at work or going out should follow some standard style. After all, not all the colors, models, and prints match well with each other when you are choosing your outfit. So, be smart not to make yourself ugly when you need to wear it in a dress-up situation or even in a more casual look.

Now, I need to say it. I love the taste that Homer has on his ties. The fact that he ALWAYS uses a white shirt makes it a match for any color and print, I am not sure what will happen if his wardrobe was a little bit more colorful, but yes Homer, like in the tv show, in the end, you always nailed it!

The general tip here is just one: preferably mix a flat piece with other printed or striped ones. Those with the same style (plaid shirt with plaid tie, for example) make the look very heavy. If you still want to use a necktie and shirt with prints and details, make sure that the pattern of the tie calls more attention than the details of the shirt.

Manners for Him has an extensive collection of ties in so many styles and colors that gets difficult to choose. We selected some of them here to show you but check the entire selection; it is worthy:

Are you ready to learn about fashion and style for men?


Now that we finish talking about accessories let’s talk about the famous fashion and style for men and how to get you there.

I have heard for a long time that ordinary American men have no style, and how stylish and how well-dressed the Europeans are! You can’t disagree with this sentence, but there are reasons for that.

In Europe, man has been worried about the appearance for a long time, since the 17th century with the French king Louis XIV, given the vitality in his clothes and wigs.

Naturally, Europeans have a much more refined feeling for it than us; at that time, we were more concerned with other things than dressing well! But it’s never too late to start!

The male style is polished through everyday life, and it varies with the type of personality, profession, clime, the sport that you practice, hobbies that, among others. All of this influences our way of dressing.

Imagine the following scenario below:

Imagine an attorney that lives in New York, has a modern, expansive and talkative personality, goes to the gym every day, and motorcycle rides are his hobby.

He has a daily life with more formal outfits and lives in a place where the climate is not so cold, but it’s not too mild.

The profession reinforces the use of formal pieces and more neutral and dark tones. Jacket, tie, shirt, shoe – does not vary much from this – but always seeks a detail that stands out in its look, like a more modern tie, with more vibrant colors than the palette of shades of the rest of the outfit and complements the look with accessories. The “modern, expansive, and talkative” personality shows up on his look.

For bodybuilding training, he wears shorts, a happier dry-fit t-shirt, and sneakers with cushioning (probably the right quality shoe, since a modern person is always “tuned in” to the best on the market).

When our lawyer goes out on a motorcycle ride, it will be the moment of greatest freedom to vent his personality, the opportunity to use the pieces he likes most. A leather jacket, probably a very “cool” model because at this moment, he is no longer a lawyer but a motorcyclist. A polo shirt or t-shirt with prints that identify his tastes, shabby jeans, and leather boots, because, besides style, it is a piece that will protect him from dirt and even falls, especially revealing a lot about a personality with attitude and extraversion.

No rules here because men today worry a little more than they did a few years ago. The example above is to demonstrate how your personality can always be present in your style. Even having a more austere profession does not prevent you from expressing daily traits and influences your personality!

But how to create your fashion and style for men?


To begin, pay attention to yourself, how everything relates to your body and mind! Only knowing who you are will you be able to define your style. Are you a cheerful, expansive, easy-to-read person? Or are you the more serious type with just a few friends? Closer to the family, or do you like the life of a lone rider? Do you have free opinions about life, or should it follow a strict script? Start by asking yourself these questions, and the rest will flow.

Years of observations made me identify some patterns: Extroverted and bolder men are allowed to experiment in their look some colors, shapes, and prints. It seems a little obvious, but think more deeply, where are you in this scenario, even what extraversion and openness have to do with clothes? The answer is FREEDOM!

How free are you to choose how and what you want to wear? When I say free, you are internally bold and awake to the new. How much you allow yourself to explore new ways of dressing, new products on the market, try the different?

Often you don’t do it because you don’t believe in being different. Society has created a system that makes you follow the herd: be equal, don’t stand out, be part of the crowd! The most paradoxical in this story is that in the end, it glorifies and exposes the different, while you are a mere maneuver mass!

It must be running through your head, “Where does style come in?”

It means you can do everything! As long as your style allows it and makes sense, using the right thing at the right time! You are not going to appear in a tank top at your aunt’s wedding in Rio de Janeiro just because it is hot and you are a bodybuilder!

It is essential that what you see matches you and the situation. It seems a silly comment, even obvious, but it is where the big mistakes are made.

More examples: Can you wear a cowboy boot? Yes, you can, as long as you are in a style that allows it!

For example, if you are a veterinarian and your specialty are equines, you live in a rural area and enjoy country music, the boot is handy both in your work and where you live, in addition to representing your tastes well.

The cowboy boot could even be at the foot of a “super urban guy” who enjoys this country scene, but note that it would be ridiculous if this urban man were a doctor and decided to put it on to go to work in the emergency room… Everything is a matter of good sense, always!

The example may seem exaggerated, and the idea here is to be very didactic. There are multiple possibilities but always be concerned with being consistent with your lifestyle and the situation. It is not because it is fashionable to have a printed shirt that you must wear it. What if you suddenly look like a clown on a Hawaii vacation instead of a “super cool” stud? Yes, this can’t happen!

Now, if you analyzed yourself and arrived at the conclusion that your freedom is locked at the beginning of the last decade, it’s okay! Just keep tuned on our always loved Homer Simpson and give his style a try. Depending on your profession and hobbies, can even be a success, why not?

But, if you are that kind of guy that wants to turn heads when passing by, that impress at work and look for the freedom to be yourself. Please, it’s time to think about what style you will design for you, give that candid look at your wardrobe, donate what doesn’t match the lifestyle that you have, and replace the donations with super cool stuff.

Our last tip: access and find every trend to adopt on accessories on building your style and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive information, news, articles, coupons, and promotions.

We will love to have you on board! Until next time!

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