Getting A Woman's Attention With the Right Style for Men

Getting A Woman’s Attention With the Right Style for Men

Men who dress better are often perceived as sexier, smarter, more successful, and are generally well-liked. They tend to do well in the world of relationships and their careers. Seventy-eight percent of women believe one of the sexiest things a man can do is dress well and choose the right style for men. Eighty-five percent believe a man who is well versed in men’s style is sexier than a man with loads of money. Wow! Well, would you look at that? So how do you understand why you have to take your style seriously?

Getting A Woman's Attention With the Right Style for Men

So you have finally found that one girl that has sparked your interest. You like her because she’s intelligent, calm, gorgeous, fun to be with blah blah. Except that you don’t know how to get her attention, or in a more tragic sense, she sees you as just a friend. 

There will come a time in every man’s life where he desires not to have stress or difficulty attracting a woman. Unfortunately, this isn’t a realistic dream because the sad truth is that not all men have it easy with the ladies. Many men don’t have it easy with the ladies, and a large percentage will struggle to attract a woman they desire, but this isn’t a bad thing.

But one thing that can immensely propel your chances is your ability to step up your game in the style department. When you step up your style, you automatically distinguish yourself from the large pool of men who are either clueless or ignorant about style, and as a result, they perform poorly in that department. 

Don’t let anyone deceive you or tell you otherwise. Your dress code is a necessary imperative when it comes to attracting the woman of your dreams. Women are visual creatures too, and believe it or not, they watch you closely and analyze many things before deciding whether you are worth their time and your style ranks high on that list. Developing a good sense of style for men is a skill, and like most skills, it takes time. Notwithstanding, it is worth it when it becomes ensconced within your character. You would ooze a masculine and irresistible appeal that would ensure that the woman of your dreams falls at your feet.

So are you interested in exploring these waters? Well, come with me and let’s go hand in hand.

How to get the attention of a woman with the right style for men?

Wear Fitted Clothes

I can’t overemphasize this enough. Baggy or loose-fitting clothes are a big turnoff. Think about it. What woman is going to respect your style when you are swimming in your clothes? The answer is none. Loose-fitting clothes put off most women at first glance. Alter your clothes to fit your size, or take time to go to different clothing stores and find clothes that fit your body effortlessly. Understand that it’s not just about wearing clothes. It’s about how you wear and present the clothes you wear. You can have the most expensive Louis Vuitton suit, and if it’s not tailored perfectly to suit your size, you’ll look tragic and pitiful senor, while a random guy wearing JC Penney would look like a million bucks. Well fitted clothes aren’t just advantageous because they make you comfortable. They also give you a certain sexiness, masculinity, and a lot more confidence in attracting and approaching women.

Stay Simple

So finally, that dreamgirl you have been yearning for finally accepted to go on a date with you. Instead of just figuring out how to wear what fits you correctly, you try to impress her with complicated and outrageously expensive flashy outfits you think she’d like or erroneously assume it would make you look presentable. Unfortunately, you will achieve an antithetical effect if you do that by making a not-so-nice impression because it would seem as though you are trying too hard. It’s not a bad idea to splurge on new clothes for a new date but do it sensibly by going for simplistic clothes that give you a great look instead of flashy and obscene ones. A good pair of pants, leather shoes, and a buttoned shirt are actually enough to make you look presentable and fashionable at the same time. Remember that tops are great if you want to emphasize your physique. Especially if it’s impressive. Winks

You can also pair a tee or buttoned shirt with an excellent looking blazer, as this would emphasize your body structure as well.

Invest in Good Shoes

So you’re about to go on your first date, and you’re thinking sandals and flip-flops. Stop right there. Yes, you! I asked you to hold it! There are some unforgivable and unforgettable fashion sins, and this is one of them. It’s a red flag and a big NO-NO. Even if your blazer, shirt, and pants look great, if you don’t match them with good looking shoes, you have ruined your entire look.

Shoe matter, so doesn’t ever make the mistake of believing they don’t. You can pair a blazer with a good loafer or a leather jacket with some boots, especially if you are looking to boost your height. Don’t forget that if your shoes look tacky or unkempt, they aren’t in any way stylish. Keep your shoes in good condition and clean. It says a whole lot about you. When your shoes are friendly, clean, and high quality, you are perceived as a stylish and classy guy who is professional as well. Spend money on high-quality shoes that will be long-lasting. Aim for shoes that are durable and comfortable, and maintain them, and you are on your way to catching that lady’s attention.

The Classic White Shirt

Fancy and casual shirts as style for men are great, and shirts with prints are good too, but in the world of contemporary men’s fashion, we can all unanimously agree that the white shirt is king. Not only is it simple, stylish, and classy, you can add masculine touches like rolling up your sleeves. It makes you look a lot more confident and mature, and those are the kinds of guys the ladies love.

Does the white shirt have a universal vibe that’s just effortless and timeless and the best part? It impresses women a lot, especially when it’s clean and well fitted. Going out for a night out with the guys and hoping to meet a bevy of beautiful ladies? Why not distinguish yourself from a crowd of colored shirt guys by wearing a classic white shirt and look confident? The white shirt is gloriously male, and it will bring you good attention. For other casual places, a simple white T-shirt is a way to go. Remember that it’s possible to be stylish and straightforward without downsizing or downplaying a style for men by being casual.

Neutral Colours

White, black, navy blue, olive green, grey, beige, and brown are neutral colors, and they are the best style for men. These colors are masculine and go so well together. When you match them together, you will look stylish, no matter how casual your outfit is. Check your closet and count how many of these colors are present there. If there aren’t enough of them, take time out to spruce up your closet with them so that you can look manly and, of course, attract the ladies.

In conclusion, remember that when you look good, you feel good. Self-confidence is considered one of the essential things you need to attract a woman, and dressing up well is one way by which you can achieve confidence in yourself. Wanna learn more tricks and tips about how to be a stylish man? Do you want to understand how you can stop making those little tiny mistakes that keep you from attaining your style prowess?

Our ebook titled “25 Mistakes of Style for Men” has everything you need to know. It’s simplistic and practical but be rest assured that your style would never again remain the same after reading it. Read up and attract the woman of your dreams today.

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