mannersforhim How to Do Wardrobe Purge and Start Wearing Your Clothes Again

How to Do Wardrobe Purge and Start Wearing Your Clothes Again

Do you frequently find yourself staring at the mirror in dissatisfaction each time you have to dress up for work, school, or elsewhere? How often do you always feel like you have to save up more to get the style you want? Well, your concerns are not out of place. Do a wardrobe purge and start wearing your clothes again.

Fashion continues to remain one of the most evolving trends in society today. Keeping up can sometimes seem like a horrendous task, especially if you’re a busy person, but even that can be managed. 

How to Do Wardrobe Purge and Start Wearing Your Clothes Again

For many people dressing up can be fun. For a few others, not so much. How then can you work your way through a seemingly endless task? 

The first step lies in determining why you feel disappointed each time you have to face your wardrobe. A few reasons could be:

1. Presence of monotone colors: Monotone colors are all the colors of a single hue. This means the colors are made of different tints or shades of a single color. When your wardrobe is made of monotone colors lacking the variety of sharp, brightly contrasting colors, it is easy to get bored looking at your clothes when you want to get ready for a social event. Your wardrobe should contain various colors to suit different purposes and activities that you may have in mind. This way, you have a more comprehensive range of options to pick from, whether it’s a bright yellow shirt or a light gray jacket, without being limited by anything. 

2. Dependability on a particular brand or design (clone styles): It’s okay to have a favorite brand or design, especially when it comes to t-shirts and t-shirts. It’s no big deal wearing the same striped color every day. Everyone has what they feel suits them best, but this often has its pitfalls. The more you get used to a particular design, the less willing you are to try out something new. This only serves to stifle your creativity. You end buying more and more until your wardrobe is filled with attires of the same brand or designs. Imagine a closet full of only Gucci or Louis Vuitton, fancy, right? Well, in a sense, but you’d get bored of having only one design no matter how trendy or expensive it might seem. Once the initial hype dies down, you’re stuck with an endless choice of the same designs. 

3. Strong Personal opinions on style: Every trendy style was once an idea in someone’s mind. Creativity brings out ideas and sets the pace for trends to form. So, it’s great to have your ideas when styling yourself up or to rock a particular fashion. However, it is essential to note that one’s ideas or opinions may not always be right. So If you’re worried about common fashion mistakes that people make and how to avoid them, you might want to get yourself some tips to a complete fashion guide from our ebook “25 Mistakes of Style” created for the elegant man to improve his day by day style. 

Well, now that you know why facing your wardrobe seems like an endless chore to you, let’s talk about what decision you need to take. 

It would be best if you had a wardrobe purge.

But what’s a wardrobe purge anyway? 

Worry no further. Simply put, a purge is a cleaning done to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted materials to give way and space for better things. When such a word is used along with the term wardrobe, you know what to expect. 

A wardrobe purge is the cleaning and discarding unwanted materials, styles, and clothes from our closets or wardrobe. As daunting as this may sound, the act of purging one’s closets is freeing and helps one get rid of what no longer serves its purpose. The new space gives way for more ideas, and creativity can overflow. 

How tough can you be sure it’s time for that wardrobe purge?

Again, several factors determine this. Here are some pointers below:

1. Size: Too small or too big is a problem. Many people feel that to avoid the complication of tight dresses. They rather wear bogus or baggy attire. The result is often a sloppy look. You can prevent that by simply avoiding the common fashion mistakes people make, as explained in Chapter 1 of our ebook.

Do you want to know more? Get yourself a copy of first-hand fashion guidelines from Manners for Him right at your fingertips.

2. Clone Styles or Fashion: No matter how badly you like a brand, it shouldn’t make up your entire clothes. Lay the clones or identical brands/designs and run a quick survey. Are there any significant differences between them? What circumstance were you in that prompted shopping? These factors will show that variety is the spice of life. So even if it’s okay to have a brand favorite, you still need to know where to draw the line before you end up looking at your wardrobe in distress each time you have to dress up.

3. Musty Smell and Stains: As long as fabrics are concerned, there’s always going to be a time when it just starts to get worn out. Most fabrics are made of superior quality, so tear and wear may not occur often. However, as you resume using them, you may notice an increasing musty smell even though the clothes are clean. Wardrobe stains are quite common, leaving your newly ironed favorite shirt in a mess you have no idea where it came from. If this becomes a regular occurrence, without any reasonable trace to the source of stain or smell, it is your wardrobe or closet asking for a purge. 

4. Clothes Worn for More than a Year: True, we all have that one or two clothes that only fit for one type of occasion. It could be your favorite tuxedos or a leopard print vintage coat for winter. Not an everyday attire, you’d agree. But that’s different from the pair of jeans hanging in your closet that hasn’t seen your legs for a year or that shirt you wore last Christmas eve. An attire that sits patiently in the wardrobe, waiting for the right opportunity all year long, only serves to accumulate space and gather dust. Get rid of them and buy something you’ll feel comfortable wearing every day.

What other factors do you think affect a wardrobe purge?

Remember, you can always feel free to leave your comments and opinions with us. 

And while you do so, you can also check out our newly updated fashion ebook for other excellent fashion tips at your disposal when you finally decide it’s time to go shopping!

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