mannersforhim How to Dress for a Date: A Man’s Guide To Fashion and Elegance

How to Dress for a Date: A Man’s Guide To Fashion and Elegance

Dates are special! But how to dress for a date? Comfort is key, no matter what.

Whether you’re a helpless romantic or not, a date is often the starting point to a beautiful life with someone you want to love. Take note, every little detail matters, especially if you want to create an excellent first impression. One wrong move and you blow your real chances. And trust your nerves to go tricky too. The never-ending sagas of what-ifs, or had I known, can do so much to the already anxious mind. 

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There’s a slight change in your tone and voice, expressions and manners, and of course, the occasional butterflies if you’re nervous. 

She might be not Cinderella as much as you’re no Prince Harry, but then she’s someone whose opinions about you matter a lot or at least for this date, and you don’t want to ruin it. 

Careful planning is never too much, well, except you’re a perfectionist. After all, you could plan so well, from the timing down to the meals and even the conversations, and still not get the desired effect you’re looking for. 

So instead of fretting and letting your jumbled nerves work you up, here’s a tip for you – concentrate on what you can do and not on what may happen. 

Yes, you read that right. Invest your thoughts and plans on what can be helped. You can’t see the future, but you can undoubtedly make fair use of the present. 

And here’s what to do – let your dress speak.

Does this scare you? Well, for a few people, it doesn’t.

But if it does for you, then it’s completely understandable. Many people care less about what fashion style to wear or even how to wear them. And some others have a robust and opinionated view of some fashion styles and tend to rock them their way, which sometimes is not a bad thing. Except, if you’re rocking it the wrong way! 

More so, some have the notion that you need something expensive all the time to look good. And that’s not true. 

With all these concerns in mind, letting your dress speak might seem like a risky plan. Well, not entirely. But here’s why we think your appearance makes up for almost 60% of the impressions you give on a date. 

Way before you even begin your conversation, the first thing your date notices is how you look. While a pretty boy charm can undoubtedly give you the right edge, nothing beats the power of a good dress sense. Nothing! 

Most females are interested in fashion and can quickly spot a fashion error like wearing the wrong type of shirt. You don’t want her cringing, or do you? Definitely not!

When you make an effort on how to dress for a date well, it often takes a great impression on an observant partner. The time you put in and the efforts are often appreciated. She gets the vibe of “I must be important to him,” and that is a high score up the impression board if there’s any such thing as that. 

A well-dressed male boosts the female ego. Imagine you show up for a dinner date at a fancy restaurant wearing khaki shorts and tees while your date rocks an elegant dinner gown. One party looks underdressed, and the other sure looks overdressed. 

Your date would certainly feel uncomfortable as much as you would. Not to mention the efforts she put into looking suitable for someone who just rocked a khaki short to a particular dinner date. Not a good point for you if you’re hoping to make a good impression. 

So now you know how to dress for a date and why your dress sense matters a lot when you want to go on a date. 

That’s the first step. What’s next? 

Whatever style of attire you choose to wear, there’s still a lot more involved in getting the effect you desire on a date.

However, in this article, to help you, we’ve prepared four (4) dress tips to guide you in making the best choices for any date. These tips have been coined from our eBook, so be sure to download your copy now to access a complete fashion guide for men.

Tip 1: The Type of Date

The type of dress or attire you choose should align with the type of date you have in mind. Why? Simple, so your appearance can fit in with the environment of your date. You don’t want to look like a groomsman on an ice cream date at the park with your tuxedos, or do you? Definitely not. 

Casual attires like shirts, tees, shorts, and jeans for casual dates at parks, sit-outs, or coffee shops. Formal attires like tucked-in shirts, blazers, jackets, or suits for official dates like dinner parties, ballrooms for prom parties. Usually, formal settings require more attention to attire than casual ones. So whatever type of date you choose, be sure to pick a style that complements the occasion. This way, you show you put effort into dressing right. 

Tip 2: The Timing of the Date

The time you decide to have your date often plays an essential role in your choice of outfits. The kind of attire you would wear for a coffee stop at noon may not often be right for an evening date. It is quite normal at noon to see people wear less clothing because of the sun’s heat while donning more as the sun sets due to the cool breeze of the evening sky. 

The weather, therefore, influences the choice of fashion you wear. 

A sweater is a cool fashion attire, but not the best option during the summer heat. And no matter how badly you desire to look cool, it would be unwise to head out for a date without a jacket or sweater during a snowy or cold night. Also important to note is the color of the attires you put on. Most times, night dates often require darker colored attires than brightly colored ones, except you plan on keeping the spotlight on yourself. 

Keep in mind that most partners prefer to remain inconspicuous while on a date, and excessively brightly colored attires will only make them more uncomfortable.

Tip 3: Location of the Date

This tip works together with knowing the type of date you have in mind. The type of romantic date will determine the location, and the location determines the attire. 

A fancy date at an elegant hotel or an evening party would require something less casual. Some locations will not even grant you access if you appear shabbily dressed. Here’s a famous quote, “you dress as you wish to be addressed.” 

Keeping the location of your date in mind will help prevent you from appearing either overdressed or underdressed. Remember, never undermine the power of a good appearance. Showing up with clean tees, jeans, and sneakers for a lunch date at a small shop or restaurant would definitely be more comfortable than rocking your custom made suit. 

And who would rather rock khaki shorts to an evening party date? Or wear plain jeans for a prom party? Indeed, no one. Your effort to look the part shows that you care about your partner’s image, and that is one sure way to earn heavy points on the impression board. 

Tip 4: Type of Meal 

Whether you agree or not agree, one of the major highlights of a date is the food. Yes, ranging from a well-garnished chef’s signature to a simple meal of chicken and chips, good food certainly brightens up the mood and sets the pace for cheerful conversations to ensure. But even this amazing pacesetter can be ruined. How so? 

Yes, with the wrong style of attire. 

Let’s break this down a bit. 

How comfortable would you be, eating a well-prepared cuisine, with an appetizer, main dish, and dessert in a pair of snugly fitted jeans? How many glasses of wine or water before your belt buckle gives up? 

The point is, a tightly fitted cloth could earn a score on the runway, but not on the table with lots of good food before you. You are bound to grow uncomfortable, especially if your date involves eating a lot and declining to eat while your partner eats, not an option. 

So why not save yourself the discomfort and learn how to dress for a date according to the type of date you have in mind and the meals you intend to have. This will ensure that you are comfortable enough to enjoy your meal in the company of your date. 

Now you know the four (4) dress tips to keep in mind for any date, what are some elegant options for a date. 

Let’s break it down for you.

Casual Dates: This could be in the form of coffee breaks, ice cream shops, a leisure walk along the park, or even snacks at an eatery or mall. These kinds of dates require light, simple styles for easy mobility, and a fashion that allows you to blend in with the crowd. And yes, simple can be stylish too, as long as you endeavor to look clean and smart. Casual dates mean that you do not have to appear formal or risk looking overdressed. 

Semi-Formal Dates: These are dates that are slightly less formal but not entirely casual. They could be lunch breaks at a restaurant, a library date, a drive in to see the movies together, or a barbecue party. These events are slightly formal but also casual, in a sense. They require more attention to attire than casual dates. If shirts are to be worn, they should be tucked in, tees can also be worn depending on the type of environment, and of course, you would want to be aware of the time of meal and timing of the date, so you do not come wearing your tight fitted pants with little or no space for anything else. 

Formal Dates: Well, these kinds of dates require special attention to the type of attire you wear. Casual styles may reflect an indifference to the importance of the occasion contrary to your intent. 

How to dress for date in formal occasions?

Shorts, khakis, tees, and casual footwear – it wouldn’t be out of place to don a blazer, suit, or jacket. Shirts and ties may also be necessary depending on the type of date. Plain trousers instead of jeans, shirts instead of tees, and jackets instead of hoodies complement the overall look. 

Keep in mind that while you desire to show an appreciation for the occasion, well dressed is never overdressed. So as much as you desire to look formal, your style should not scream attention unnecessarily, unless of course, it’s good attention. 

Tightly fitted pants detract from the formality of the attire. Your clothes shouldn’t appear too small or too large.

Which date do you have in mind? Whatever choice you make, we are sure our article must have helped know the essential dress tips for a date. You’re now a few steps away from achieving a “perfection” for the date you planned. 

But even as careful as you’ve planned, things can still go wrong with just a single fashion mistake. 

We believe that not everyone can get it right at first glance. Also, you do not need the hassle of having to Google fashion styles when you’ve got a date by the corner. So here’s something more convenient, easy, and affordable. And what’s more, you can access it anytime and anywhere. It’s like your own personal fashion handbook.

At Manners for Him, we got you covered with our free eBook entitled “25 Mistakes of Style for Man – The Man’s Guide To Fashion and Elegance” created for the elegant man to improve his day to day style. 

With just one click away, the mistakes of style for men, and all the fashion tips you needed to nail that style and rock your fashion is right at your fingertips. Put together by only the best fashion experts. We can help you avoid the usual mistakes of style most men make and take you a step further in creating your fashion statement. 

Your dress speaks. Never forget that. Whatever voice you want depends on what style you choose and how you wear it. From a simple casual look to formal attire, you can keep it classy, smart, and elegant at the same time. 

Don’t let one fashion error ruin your plans. Our eBook is available for downloads in all formats. 

Get your fashion recipe now.

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