How to Get Women’s Attention with Men’s Style

Believe it or not, whether you’re the nerdy guy with his face stuck in a book all day long, or you’re the firecracker kind of guy with the looks and charms that scream “all eyes on me,” everyone eventually gets to the stage where you yearn for the attention of the opposite sex the right men’s style.

However, there’s this widespread belief that when it comes to choosing a partner, the men are more favored because they get to access and pick from a wide range of options that suit them. But this is a misconception, one that holds no steam. In today’s society, men and women alike get to decide what they want in a partner before settling down for one. This raises the support when it comes to getting the attention of the other party. 

Thankfully, men’s style comes to the rescue. Nowadays, with a good clothing sense and stylish attire, a man can hope to get the attention of a woman he likes. 

“Well, doesn’t that sound too easy?”

Most males getting a woman’s attention is achievable, especially if they are socially inclined and have the right words. For some others, not so much. The process is an entire nightmare to them. However, whichever category you fall into, this article is a must-read for you.

What should you pay attention to?

If you’ve set out to get some attention with men’s style, you sure wouldn’t want to overlook the helpful tips gathered from our ebook “25 Mistakes of Style,” aimed at providing the elegant male with the “dos and don’ts” in the men’s fashion world. Here’s some of it below. 

1. Get well-fitted men’s clothes, but not something exceptionally too tight: You read that right! Honestly, no woman gets attracted to a man who turns up dressed in oversized clothes like someone from the stone age. No! Go for well-fitted but not too tight clothes, suits, ties, pants, anything. These clothes make you exude confidence, which is something every woman loves in a man. Going for loose fitted clothes, you’re sure to look clumsy and out of style, and trust me. You don’t want to be related to that. 

Women can easily spot out a confident and style-conscious man by the clothes he puts on. Where would you rather fall? In her good looks, I guess. So next time you visit a clothing store, ensure you go for an outfit one size down your standard size, even if you’re the type who’d sworn to wear loose fitted clothes all his life. This tip will do the trick. Go for well-fitted clothes, and thank us later.

2. Invest in good shoes/footwear: Good shoes take you places, or so I heard. So, just like the clothes you wear, your shoes are bound to be one of the things a woman notices on you. Unfortunately, many males tend to ignore this tip. Your footwear/shoes will go a long way in creating a lasting impression, especially a first one, on a woman, about what kind of a man you are. 

You don’t want to risk it; think about donning that well-tailored tuxedo or shirt with a shoe that ruins everything you worked hard for to match it up. Can you conjure the image in your head? Terrible right? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be that man. Always go for high-quality leather shoes. This gives you the aura of a trustable and professional man, especially when these shoes are nice and clean. Also, loose ends should be taken care of, buckles fixed, and straps arranged. Don’t wear worn-out shoes. What’s more? It doesn’t have to end with acquiring these shoes. Take good care of them, clean, keep them neat, and let them be what suits your taste. Adjust to the right men’s style; military boots, sneakers, sporty court shoes, whichever one you go for, ensure it’s the best quality. Believe me. You’ll feel good about yourself when you put these shoes on. They boost your confidence and move you up the chart of a stylish man any woman should want.

3. Go for neutral colors: Unlike women’s fashion, most males prefer neutral and less sparkly colors, so neutral colors are it for them. Think about it. It’s less likely to see a male pick a rose pink shirt or a magenta-colored one over the standard masculine neutral colors. Your wardrobe reflects on the attires you put on when you step out. Bubbly bright colors are often a woman’s thing! So while it’s not necessarily wrong, you don’t want to show up for a date spotting the same brightly colored dress as your female partner. 

Guess what? There’s more. These neutral colors blend and exude that confident, professional, and masculine look that will get a woman drooling over you. Try colors like black, navy blue, beige, olive green, white, and gray. The red color isn’t wrong, but don’t go matching outfits that make you a walking rainbow. No woman will look twice your way.

4. Have a good sense of humor: Read that again. If you think humor doesn’t compliment your men’s style, you’re mistaken. Women are naturally attracted to a man with a good sense of humor and can make her insides tingle with that warm feeling. So, if you’re the typical “drop dead serious” kind of guy, you need to do something about yourself real quick. Inculcate a good sense of humor, learn to be at ease, and tease a little bit. But do well to keep it respectful. Avoid derogatory jokes. No woman likes that. Keep it cool.

5. Dress to fit in: This is as simple as it sounds. Try styles that fit in with the environment you find yourself. You don’t wear pajamas to an airport, so why wear the wrong outfit on a date. Trash that thought of donning a tee-shirt or casual wear to a formal event. 

Remember your job is to dress to attract, with men’s style, right? Opt for a classy well fitted white shirt instead. This gives you a well-distinguished look. Indeed, you do not wish to look like a colored balloon at a wedding reception, right? An outfit that blends in boosts confidence, and you need every bit of it. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t go casual to an event. Just be sure it blends in with the type of environment and looks the part. Confidence matters! 

For more tips on how to get women’s attention with men’s style, why don’t you opt for our ebook mentioned earlier for more updates?

Don’t forget, women are attracted to men’s style, and now you’ve got a handbook just for you. Hopefully, you’re one click away from mastering the art of being a stylish gentleman. 

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