How to Pick the Perfect Tie for Men

How to Pick the Perfect Tie for Men

It is undoubtedly true that a tie for men is what invariably draws attention to him. This is because, unlike women’s wear, men’s suits do not come in various colors. Hence, the necktie is what draws attention to them. A wrong necktie combination can impair your dressing’s appearance, as the right necktie can make you stand out. 

How to Pick the Perfect Tie for Men

Are you wondering how to pick the perfect tie for men? Then read this.

Pay Attention to Patterns

When picking out a patterned tie, ensure that the patterns are not the same as that of your clothing. They should not clash, as this creates an optical illusion which does not appear pleasing to the eyes. Matching patterned ties with bold colored suits is good.

The rule inherent here is that no two clothing pieces should share the same pattern size, more so, the same pattern type. This implies that the separation between the stripes on your attire should not be near the stripes’ width on your tie. Hence, you can pair a pin-striped suit and check patterned dress shirt with a paisley pattern tie.

The Color of the Tie for Men

After picking the right pattern for your outfit and tie, we advise you to focus on your necktie color. It would be best if you observed to get this done by going through your clothing to ensure that the colors are harmoniously perfect. If you’re uncertain whether or not the colors match, we advise that you go with your first instinct or impression. Why? Because that’s likely what will cross the mind of others who spot you donning the necktie and your clothing. 

In matching your tie color to that of your clothing, start by picking the suit you’d like to wear before selecting a shirt pattern/color that matches the suit. Next, go for a tie for men that compliments your clothing choices. If you feel the tie isn’t doing an excellent job matching your clothing, we advise that you go for another; do not force it.

Remember, your tie shouldn’t draw attention away from your clothing. Keep it moderate.

The Proportion of the Tie 

A standard tie proportion is 3.5 inches wide. It can be either 3.75 inches; for an excessively, about less than 3 inches. Before putting on any of these ties, you should consider characteristics such as the person’s weight and height and the width of his suit’s lapels. A thinly built or petite man will look okay when donning a thin tie with a thin lapel. However, where one is of a more robust build, a thin tie with wide lapels will come off as a tragic combination.

In choosing a tie’s proportion, we advise that you also pay attention to your shirt’s collar. A tie proportionate to your shirt collar is highly recommended. Also, settle for a tie that hits the top of your belt buckle and corresponds to your jacket’s lapel width. Make sure that it is not too tight or too loose. Let it fit nicely around your neck.

With these invaluable tips, we are giving you an assurance that you’re well on your way to knowing how to pick a perfect tie for men! Visit our online shop to check our collection of neckties.

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