Looking good doesn’t have to be so difficult, does it?


No, right?


Yeah, we think so too!

But, with the aging hands of men’s fashion, and evolving new trends, it is not long before a particular style is considered out-of-date and we all have to move on from it and onto the next trending men’s style.


Let’s face it! Dressing well and looking good in a rapidly changing world (fashion-wise) is becoming increasingly difficult and this is exactly why fashion stylists make  so much money off celebrities by telling and putting outfits together for them to always look smashing and keep up with the fashion trends


In this special men’s fashion classic edition, we have put together literally everything you need to stay in trend without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a total beginner that’s just starting to pay a bit more attention to your appearance or you’ve been working on your appearance and need some form of a refresher course, we’ve got you covered.


What you’ll learn;

  • Staying fashionable is a skill
  • Identifying great style you like
  • Getting the perfect fit
  • Classic styles
  • Choosing colors
  • Quality and price
  • Investing in accessories


Let’s dive right in!


Nobody is born in a perfectly tailored 3-piece suit, or with a magical intuition on how to look fashionable. You need to understand that dressing well and looking dashing is a skill that can be learned.


Like every other skill, it needs patience, determination, practice, and practice again because this is the only way to get better at any skill. And the interesting part with learning the skill of dressing right is that you get the opportunity to practice and improve on it every single day because you need to get dressed every day!


Do you have a particular fashion model or a style/fashion you really like?


Then it is a great way to improve your taste and make the most of fashion ideas. In fact, if you can identify what styles you like most, then chances are that after a few tries, with consistent effort you will be able to nail the look.


Sometimes, people are caught in the web of ‘I don’t know how to match outfits’ just because they have conditioned their minds to believe that.


That’s a myth.


There isn’t anything you cannot achieve with the right guidance and consistency.


90% of your fashion problem will be solved if you always strive to get the right fit for you. Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly makes your shape look distorted, it makes you look sloppy because of the excess fabric that your body has to deal with. The right fit is what sets an individual wearing a smashing collected outfit apart from one wearing a $200 nice suit that looks terrible on him.


You can never go wrong with your style provided it is the perfect fit for you. An escape route to this is to consider getting your clothes tailored.


The mistake people often make is trying to develop their own signature outfits especially when they’re just getting started with improving their style. This is a total burnout. Imagine signing up for a cooking/ catering class and on the first day you go into the class and decide to cook some original never-seen-before dish to wow everyone. It’d be a total disaster no doubt! You have to move from point A to B. Back to the basics.


Likewise dressing well and staying in style, classic styles are like the godfathers, they’re going nowhere, and you can never go wrong with them. Focus on classic styles while gradually adding your touches with time.


Do not chase after trends because with the passage of time, they’d be outdated and we’ll all have to move away from them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy trendy clothes if you like and wish to have them.


Solid colors speak class and maturity. If you want to be taken seriously and look more mature and put-together while staying fashionable, you need to wave goodbye to wild prints, logos, or graphics clothing of any kind, whether it’s a sweater, t-shirts, or god forbid pants.


Wearing wild colors and graphic clothing makes you look like an immature college kid. Make it a habit to shop for and replace your college-kid looking clothing with mature looking solid neutral colors to help you look more refined.


Neutral colors are colors that are not overbearing and hence, can easily blend with each other; examples are white, grey, brown, black, khaki, olive, navy. These colors are essentially self-working and of course more masculine.


When I say invest, I don’t mean that you should break the bank to stay fashionable. You can definitely stay invoked on a budget. You don’t need designers to look put-together and you definitely don’t need to rub the bank or spend your lifetime savings on fashion.


However, it costs more to make better and lasting materials, better designs, and better constructions, hence, it will cost you a few extra dollars to buy them, but it’d be definitely worth the buy on the long run.


My simple recommendation is that you buy the best quality that fits your budget. You can take a look at MANNERS FOR HIM online store listings to find classic men’s fashion wears with a touch of trend and class, the prices are solid and incredibly pocket-friendly for such quality.


These are ad-on that gives you that refined finished look. Male accessories like ties, wrist-watchers, and pocket squares bring individuality to classic wears, but remember to keep them on the minimal. You should combine them in a harmonious manner. As a rule of thumb, always wear your tie or pocket square in a darker shade than your jacket. Chains, necklaces, and sunshades are also great creative pieces.


Have fun!

Want to improve or kick start your new style? Get inspiration and see different variations at MANNERS FOR HIM today.



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