mannersforhim How to Wear Men’s Jewelry in the 20th Century

How to Wear Men’s Jewelry in the 20th Century

If you still associate men’s jewelry with the French nobles from the Napoleonic era, with the members of the clergy (those from centuries ago), or with the hippies from the ’70s, you need to know that the prime space called “men’s neck” just started a new chapter on fashion and this article will change your mind.

Male vanity has always been a subject that involved so many taboos. Over time, luckily, the story that men had no taste for fashion soon faded. What is great, because now they can enjoy an entirely new world, full of a variety of clothing and accessories, like, for example, a men’s chain.

Manners - How to Wear Men's Jewelry in the 20th Century

The origin of the silver and gold chains was in Mesopotamia, where it is currently Iraq, 3000 BC. Theologians often say that: Each link of a chain represents each action of God over men. In the Christian belief, it has a more substantial meaning, that the chains united God with men.

Also, according to Homer, God asked him to attach a golden chain between heaven and earth, thus making the Man believe that he could achieve perfection and purity of spirit, guiding himself on the right path.

So, Man, during the entire history, always felt the need to adorn themselves. The first adornments were made of animal bones and teeth, shells, stones, wood, and symbolized status, power, or mysticism. At that time, the chain was used only by people of wealth, in Victorian times, it gained sentimental value where they were ornamented with medallions, and made it a harsh way, where each link was twisted by welding and always beaten by hand.

Men’s Jewelry and Its Influence in the Market

At this time in history, Man has started to explore his appearance and vanity without prejudice. Jewelers began to invest in marketing and to reserve a larger exhibition space for male pieces.

The world market for jewels, semi jewels, and costume jewelry has grown every year, not counting wedding rings. Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings come first in the list of the most used.

But has one piece that is the favorite for manly jewelry all the way: Men’s Chains!

Today they are made in various thicknesses, and the ones with a pendant are the most popular.

With the growth of men’s interest in taking care of their looks, the feminine chain models soon gained adaptations. Whether for Portuguese Link or Venetian styles, the masculine touch has been perfected, creating not only pieces that suit the styles and tastes of the male team but also turning it into a unique and trendy accessory for them.

One way or another, we can find several models of men’s chains, from the simplest to the most exuberant, alternative, classic, or formal ones.

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