Men’s Beard: From Shakespeare to Santa Claus, Which is Yours?

Just as women like to change their hair, it is common for men to bet on some types of beards during their lives. Within the beginning, things can go a touch bit towards what you’ll do with it. Then, when the men’s beard acquires volume and form, it is time to innovate and alter it occasionally.

But, to be honest, repeatedly, things don’t also work. And, within the desire to seem more stylish, you finish making mistakes within the cut and designs. Other times, an equivalent beard has been on your face for therefore long that you find yourself being labeled by it.


So, we put together an inventory of sorts of bearded men that you know (I will understand if you do not believe Santa Clausto match the styles and see if you were (or still are) one among those.

Which men’s beard is yours?




One of the foremost famous patchy beards that we all know belongs to Keanu Rivers. His beard and mustache are mid-length and full but sparse in some places. The salt and pepper color of his hair looks distinguished, and his mustache touches the lips.

The dream of Keanu Rivers always been to possess an outsized and hulking beard but, nature didn’t accept as accurate with it and was unhappy, giving his face an appearance of a deforested forest.

The good thing is that the patchy style finds many fans today, and therefore the female team is beaten. If you’ve got flaws in some regions and can’t grow your beard entirely, you’ll back specific sorts of beards, like the goatee, the undone, or maybe the mustache.

This proves that even a patchy men’s beard, when well-maintained, can be stylish and sexy.

How to look out of this beard? Good men’s beard oil and a good pair of scissors to trim the chin area, so it doesn’t get too long, and on the sides to keep the chosen look is enough to get a good beard and an excellent highlight on your visual. The beard kit is just perfect for your day by day use.”



Since Brad Pitt decided to braid his beard hair, the trend started. The look is modern but needs to be matched with some hair accessories as well to look cool. Some men make their beards look thicker by twisting in a ribbon.

For Brad Pitt, his beard is a space where inspiration and creativity can work without restriction. The result? Well, I need to be honest. You can’t make up a lot with the hair on your face, and when we talk about designs and shapes, everything depends on the statement you want to make. Not in a Salvador Dali mood? Put aside inventiveness. In your face and life, less is always more.

How to take care of this men’s beard? Good beard oil and a good pair of scissors to trim the chin area, so it doesn’t get too long, and on the sides to keep the chosen look is enough to get a good beard and an excellent highlight on your visual. The beard kit is just perfect for your day by day use.



This scruffy men’s beard for some time was the face of Bradley Cooper. His beard was long and lovely tapered that you could hardly look past its dramatic effect, which had many women’s hearts attached to it by a string.

Like the plaid shirt, glasses, and iPhones, the beard also entered the select group of hype and fashion men. The style adopted by hipsters, which gives them that 300 Spartans air, is the full-face beard. It’s beautiful, and if you stay there, many women will love it.

To match one hundred percent this look, try to keep your hair in a medium length. This way, the full-bearded look will be more than justified. The beard should also be dyed since it can look a little too wild in black. You can check it out in Manners.

If your beard belongs to this category, don’t forget to take super good care of it.  Otherwise, better you adopt the next style.

How to take care of this men’s beard? Because it is a full beard, you need to receive even more attention to the details, so you will need several items to keep it in shape. In addition to shampoo, an excellent oil for the beard, and a balm for the mustache, this kit is perfect yo keep the Old Dutch well taken care of.



Rick Rubin has sporting a very serious homeless beard in the last decade. Matching the color of his hair looks more asymmetric. It seems like his style came to stay, and doesn’t look like he will remove it anytime soon.

This kind of men’s beard, in my personal opinion, if you adopted this style of beard, you are communicating one of these three things: you are a fanatic follower of the ZZ Top trend and want to be able to put insurance in your beard one day.

You are a humanities student who thinks that taking care of the beard is a capitalist attribute and proper to a bourgeois mentality, so you use the loose beard as a form of protest. Or you want to copy the hipster style and don’t have the skill or time to take care of your facial hair. The result? A dirty, sloppy look, reminiscent of the Castaway movie. This example is the high proof that to have a beautiful and stylish beard, you must invest in it.

How to take care of this men’s beard? Because it is a look that requires less grooming, keeping an essential oil thing to do with a full beard. Try to make a habit of using it right after the shower, for example, then, will be more difficult to forget it.



Wes Bentley got famous as the Seneca Crane on The Hunger Games, you maybe might not recall his name, but he is that guy with the super designed beard that stole the scenes. His beard has its own Facebook page, took three hours to be made, and many men copy it.

In earlier times, it was even a fashion and status symbol to have a sculpted beard. Today, if you are not an actor, it can look weird and funny. If you are one of those guys who go to the barber to leave this kind of facial hair design on your face, leave knowing that you are more cartoonish than stylish. If you are not up to the risk, abandon the drawn style, save time, and get a beard that contributes to your appearance and does not detract from it.

How to take care of this men’s beard? To look good in this style, you must carefully design it. A clean and shaved space must separate the areas of the chin. To maintain it, oil it every day, and you are good to go.



Ben Affleck changes his beard a lot, but one of his most successful looks was the roguish goatee style. Because the format of his face suits entirely to it was an excellent choice and brought a lot of sophistication to the eye. In the same short size, covering the full face is another option that the female team will love.

If done well and matching your style, it can give you a neat look and contribute positively to the seductive tone. Otherwise, you can end up with the face of a classic bus collector (nothing against bus collectors, we love them), but the boundary is fragile between the two lines, so be careful.

How to take care of this men’s beard? Because of the short length, a suitable oil is enough to maintain the style and health of the facial hair. If you want to make the beard softer, the ideal is to use a beard balm. It will help to reduce itching and make the hair silkier.



Shakespeare, as one of the most influential writers of times, has inspired many with his beard style. Still exists a substantial discussion if the Shakespeare beard Style is a beard or a mustache, but we arrived in a conclusion that both can be used together or alone.

Beard prominent, mustache full, and with the point curved upwards (where the fingers are almost always there to reinforce the raised tip). When you encounter someone using this style, they transported the person from the 1930s to the present day. To have (and maintain), this style takes a lot of care and technique. Your outfit also needs to keep up with the face; otherwise, the whole work can look a little bizarre.

How to take care of this men’s beard? Like the goatee, leaving only the mustache growing is an exciting option to attract attention. And to keep the mustache or/and beard in the style you want, a good beard balm and a trimming comb is enough.



The epitome of Hulk Hogan’s look is something you might do for Halloween or something like that. Kidding, you can find a lot of people using it daily. To get this result, you will need to let your mustache (with or without a beard) grow out for longer than a month to get a thicker, denser effect on it.

When you come across a guy with this kind of men’s beard drawn, which ends in the chin, you will soon remember someone riding a Harley Davison or American truckers.

Give some thought before you commit to the trucker style. It can be a little intimidating for most of us, particularly men with darker facial hair. Also, it is well marked, and you will soon become the center of attractions. If you do not have that consistent style and do not want to attract attention, avoid it.

How to take care of this beard? Mustache oil is an ideal treatment for this kind of men’s beard. Besides, keeping your beard trimmed neatly in areas that serve to highlight sideburns is essential.



Bruce Willis has been bald for decades, but because of his relatively unlined face, he’s had women of several generations fawning over his bare good looks.  On the other hand, the shaved visual of Zach Galifianakis, with his round face, matches the funny person that he always plays on the screen.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting to get bald, shaved your head, or is trying to compensate for the lack of hair by using and excessive beard. The bald head on its own already looks strict with the ridges of a skull showing under the skin, and adding a tick beard to that, be sure that you suddenly are not an aging man anymore. You see an older man with years of strength and virility (no, I don’t think that looks like as if their head are inverted).

If you decided to choose this look because of mandatory baldness, which we know how difficult it is to treat, you have little to do. Just don’t let the facial hair dominate everything and try to balance the look using a hat, hoodie, or cap.

How to take care of this beard? The beard on our bald portrait category should receive the same care treatment of any long beard but with some conditioning. So, the complete Beard Oil and Condition is a perfect choice. If you are experimenting baldness, you should try the hair growth serum as well.



Ahhhhh, finally, our loved Santa. The Santa Claus beard doesn’t follow any particular style besides being full and long, which asks for a lot of care. To get a beard like Santa Claus, you should let them grow to a minimum of five inches what can be done in less than six months (if you use the right products, your beard should grow about one inch per month approximately).

To use it in your daily life, remember, you need to take care of it every day with no exceptions because growing such a beard is like an art.

Having a well-balanced round face will help to use the Santa Claus beard with perfection, but one thing is real, if you are planning to play the character in a party, doesn’t matter the format of your face will be a success, just because nobody resists falling in love with it.

How to take care of this beard? Good scissors to trim the beard, in addition to a good balm, are necessary to keep the Santa Claus beard well maintained. Don’t forget the beard balm to keep it soft and with a pleasant smell. This kit has all of it and more.

Our appearance always brings a lot of information about us, but sometimes we don’t realize it. The beard style that a man chooses can say a lot about his personality. Although the trends always influence everything, we still can continue to express our peculiarities to the people around us. So, it is crucial to be careful not to send a wrong message to the wrong person.

If you are more conservative, choose one style of the beard at a time and try it until you get the one that looks it’s best on you, but if you have the adventurous spirit on you and loves to change, you can use and rock all the styles of this article and more.  Let us know which one you prefer; we would love to hear it in the comments.

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Until next week, and I will see you inside!

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