mannersforhim Men’s Belt: Everything Your Mom Could Not and your Dad Did Not Tell You

Men’s Belt: Everything Your Mom Could Not and your Dad Did Not Tell You

Your Mom, well, she was a woman to start with, so we can’t expect much experience in the area, and your Dad, he probably didn’t know anything about belts, besides the fact they go around the waist or thought that this detail was not so important to pass it to you. But don’t full yourself, men’s belt is one of the essential accessories for in the fashion world, and yes, it is much more than just a tool to hold your pants.

Except if you are an electrician or Batman (sorry, we are excluding utility belts today), a men’s belt should be considered as an elegant accessory that can accentuate and complete the outfit for a smart and charming look. As such, choosing the right belt to wear takes more than just pulling the first one out of your wardrobe. From the coordination of colors to the choice of texture, select a belt to buy or use requires some serious thought.

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During our extended trajectory, learning about belts, we met people saying that men’s belt is necessary because it can cut your body in half and make you feel shorter…really? If you don’t have any talent to be a magician’s assistant, forget that story! Others said your belt should ALWAYS match your shoes, socks, pants, suspenders, ties, underwear, and the color of your hair…what? Okay, no need to panic here; luckily, we decide to remove the burden from your parent’s shoulders and make the process a lot easier on you. Today, we will show you exactly how to choose and wear the perfect belt for every occasion.

First things, first!

Before we start talking about colors and styles, the first step to choose a belt is the size. Your belt needs to fit you, man, and this is essential! So, give a look at the image below, get a measuring tape, and discover which belt size will suit you best.

As obvious as it sounds, you must ensure that you are going to choose belts that are not too long and indeed not too short. After measuring your waist, you should have a few inches to push the remaining space, keeping things aligned and appropriately adjusted.

Keep in mind that some brands tend to use centimeters or general sizes for the lengths of the straps, so make sure your pants and belts match on a scale. Did you find your size? Great! Let’s move on…

Meet the materials and textures of a Belt

Of course, leather is the most popular option, which keeps things elegant and refined, especially for formal occasions. But the ability to select belts in a variety of textures and materials will add dimension to your look, especially for casual clothing.

Keep an open mind with braided belts (that can be a winner if the size of your waist keeps changing), suede belts, and other textured/embossed ones that come in a variety of different shades to brighten up your outfits in a most straightforward way.

Keep things classic with versatile colors like black, brown, tan, nude, and white for timeless pieces that can be used without limits and don’t be afraid of the bright colors for each season. Yes, bright colors on a sunny day are everything you need.

Brown or Bronze Belts, in doubt, choose both!

A brown or tan belt will provide versatility when perfecting that casual look. A fantastic choice for all seasons, a brown embossed belt is a worthy partner for a more tropical visual and matches the blue color very well, providing that warmer looking sensation.

You can keep things simple with brown or bronze suede belts to make the most of your matching pieces.  In complementary shades and colors for a surprising well-founded outlook. You can trust me, works very well, and people on the female side of your life will love it!

Men’s in Black Belts

For formal looks, the general rule is to keep things minimalist, elegant, and simple, with clean lines and uncompromised textures. Black is one the most attractive colors, given its complementation with a classic black suit and other more basic tones.

Go for the elegant black leather with a slightly rounded buckle for a clean, conventional way to control everything. And remember, don’t complicate things for a more formal aesthetics, keep your belt relatively discreet, it is still on-trend.

Something more Colorful will make it unforgettable

Brighter belts in iridescent colors will be useful to make casual outfits more exciting without any effort. Our vital tip for flashy belts is to keep other elements of your look relatively diluted and simplistic, which will allow a focal point for your belt.

Lighter shades of classic colors will work tremendously, but be aware of more modern ones, which will give you that unexpected touch.

The case of our loved Black Shoes

Before I start talking a little bit about this wildcard in every man’s wardrobe, let’s get to the point: yes, mixing brown belts with black is not a bad idea for casual situations.

We love our black shoes because they are very flexible to use. So, if you have a pair (I am sure you do), arrange to purchase a belt that matches it in style, and, if possible, in the same material.

Give yourself the flexibility of the Brown Shoes

A brown pair of shoes represents a fascinating neutral look, especially those made of leather. Classic or casual styles, like docksides or moccasins, are versatile to make right combinations with the garments and also with your belt.

You can use your brown shoes with a variation of shades from the same family, from cream to very dark tobacco, which is very elegant. In casual situations, the brown shoe is the one that best adapts to bold belts, of different materials, such as rope and canvas.

Let’s talk conventional Suits

Don’t lose the confidence of your boss over a belt. We heard it from a businessman once that he could not trust a project to someone that could not even choose his belt right (at this moment, we discover how important it was to write this guide).

In the case of suits, using it for work or some formal event, the ideal world is that the shoe and belt belong to the same color, and this applies to any shoe color.

The idea here is a more homogeneous look. So, the tones should also match. I mean, if the shoe is dark brown, the belt should also be, in a way that nothing is out of place. We must not forget to mention about the belt buckle, invest in thin models with discreet fasteners, which is more elegant. —Reserve the big, bold buckles for casual looks.

A good tip is also to pay attention to the buckle metal: it should follow the metallic details of the shoe (if it has one), the suspenders (if you are wearing it), the buttons of the suit, and the cufflinks (please forget that story to match your car to them). Yes, metal colors matter to everything be in tune. A tip for the undecided ones is to bet on silver, which is more discreet.

Another critical point is the textures. If the shoe is made of varnish, the belt must be of varnish too (in addition to the color, of course). So, in summary, always bet on pieces with similar finishes and materials and the same or very close colors.

Finally, invest in a genuine leather belt for formal wear. Synthetic materials do not give the same effect of elegance and soon begin to peel off or show differences in shape, compromising your entire outfit.

The casual look with pants: grab your chance to be creative

To walk around daily and for a more relaxed work environment, the rules are flexible. You don’t have to worry so much about the colors of the shoes and the belt. The casual look with pants gives more freedom of choice and space for boldness.

In this scenario, sneakers, loafers, and docksides are some of the most used shoe models. Nowadays, you can find them in a diversity of colors and styles, therefore, when choosing the belt, you can be creative too, but always keeping in mind the balance.

The tones of the belt and the shoe don’t have to be the same, but it is always better to invest in a more harmonious outfit using the colors from the same family. The choice will help in keeping a creative look and aligned at the same time.

Belts made of fabric, canvas, or rope with leather details – and even wider and with a slightly larger buckle – are excellent options to match casual shoes.

Also, please take the opportunity to vary the color of the buckle: old gold is a current trend and makes them look much more modern, rock’n’roll and fun!

How about shorts?

Unlike pants, the look with shorts calls for a little more discretion in the belt, especially for more current cuts, which are just above the knee line.

As the shorts are lighter than the pants, a large and exaggerated belt can weigh, and a lot, the entire production. Therefore, you can continue betting on models in canvas, fabric, or even leather – without necessarily combining the same color in the two pieces -, prefer thinner belts with smaller buckles, without forgetting the harmony between the tones.

Final Tips

A men’s belt can make miracles for your body without cutting you in half (scary!), giving it a more uniform appearance. But there are some tricks that you can use because the rules, sometimes, you know,  are not for everyone.

  • Balancing Body Proportion

If you want to adjust your body proportion more, choose a contrasting tone for your outfit for well-balanced looks. That is it; if you’re going to highlight some other parts of your body, you can use a warmer shade of clothing and belt to match.

  • Do you want to look taller?

Alternatively, for those who want to look taller or more elongated, opt for a men’s belt that is the same color as the other shades of your outfit (if the metal buckle has the same color of the belt, even better), and it can be perfectly hidden. This trick will give the illusion of a high proportion, working to make you look taller and more elegant.

  • Do you need to match everything?

The answer is NO; you don’t. Match your belt with your pants or shorts in the casual style. And with your shoes (color and material) in the formal one.  To make it more simple yet, check the rules of style we prepared below:

Belts for formal use:

  • Smaller, sleeker buckle
  • Thinner strap width
  • Thinner, softer, smoother, strap material, sometimes with a sheen
  • Always leather

Belts for casual use:

  • Larger buckle
  • Broader strap width
  • More robust, thicker, stiffer, more rugged, often matte strap material

The leather of different materials and colors. Wow, now that you arrived at the end of this article, congratulations! You just turned yourself in a specialist on belts without any help from your parents, and are ready to make it the accessory of your life. A delightful combination between a super cool shoe and a belt can make a big difference in the look and leave you with another face!

Mannersforhim has a lot of amazing accessories for man, including a fantastic selection of new belts. The variation of styles and colors makes it hard to choose just one of them, so check some pieces we handpicked for you below and click HERE to know the entire collection.

We promise you that this accessory won’t let you down, and with our tips, you will become a more modern, sophisticated, and self-confident man, attracting all eyes to you – and for the right reasons!

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See you inside!

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