Men's Dressing Style: What Women Hate About Men With No Fashion

Men’s Dressing Style: What Women Hate About Men With No Fashion

Before we talk about men’s dressing style, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there lived a young woman who was in search of a real relationship. You know the kind that would lead you to the altar in front of a priest, and the man would tear up because the beauty of his bride is more than he can bear, and he would vow never to leave her side. Yeah, that kind of fellas.

We’ll call this lady Tara. Tara was in her late twenties, attractive, and a strong independent career woman. She registered on a dating site, and soon a blind date was set up with some guy named Mark. On D-Day, Tara was gorgeously dressed in a stunning dress and had taken time to book a hair and makeup appointment. She looked incredibly beautiful – eye-catching beautiful. Who-on-earth-is-that is quite beautiful. 

So Tara went to sit at the agreed restaurant waiting for the potential man to show up. Ten minutes, then twenty, thirty, an hour. Tara was starting to get slightly pissed. She was a stickler for punctuality. Even at work, she didn’t tolerate lateness from her employees, and they all knew it. Her seat at the restaurant was strategically positioned to see the escalator, so each time she saw a well-dressed man in a suit, her eyes would light up, and she’d erroneously think her date had arrived.

Two hours later, Mark still hadn’t come. Tara decided to give him thirty more minutes. If he didn’t show up, she would go home. She had better things to do than wait around for a man with no sense of responsibility. Already she was getting odd stares from the waiters because she had told them she was waiting for someone to arrive before she ordered. At some point before her deadline, she looked up at the escalator and watched an unkempt looking man saunter in through the doors. Tara rolled her eyes. She didn’t mean to be condescending, but a top-notch restaurant like this needed to leave beggars outside the gate. They had a reputation to protect.

To her horror, the man kept making his way towards her. Then he smiled and said, “Hi, you must be Tara, right? I’m Mark, so glad to meet you in person.” Tara’s fashion senses were assaulted. His hair was dirty and unkempt; he was dressed in a rumpled dress shirt, faded jeans that stopped high above his ankles, plus white socks and a pair of shoes that looked like they just stepped out of 1922. Everyone in the restaurant was outrightly staring at her now. The looks on their faces said it all: This is the man you have been waiting for, ma’am?

 Embarrassment burned Tara’s cheeks, and it slowly metamorphosed into anger. She told Mark she wasn’t Tara. Mark brought out his phone to do a double-take and be sure. He insisted she was Tara. Tara angrily stood up and threw some obscenities at him that she’d learned from her childhood days as an inner-city kid before stalking off. Mark stood there, perplexed until he was politely walked out of the restaurant.

Are you like Mark? In my opinion, he probably should have just stayed home rather than make a complete fool out of himself. And what was he thinking showing up looking like a lout even though he was a gentleman? He missed out on a potential partner and the promise of a relationship simply because he couldn’t take out a little time to fine-tune his appearance. 

Let’s be honest, fellas. We inhabit this world with women. We’d often do crazy things to get their attention whenever we crave them. Their feminity lights up our world. The vast majority of them take care of themselves and clean up well to look good for us. Shouldn’t we return the favor?

Let’s check your men’s dressing style! Below are a few fashion mistakes that prove you are a man with no style.

And if you want to have any success with the ladies, you have to step up your style game pal.

Inordinate Mix of Patterns

If you don’t know how to make prints and patterns work, neither do you have the time or the patience to study and master it, it’s best not to venture into that path at all. It would help if you didn’t use similar patterns with each other. Understand color harmonization and balance bold pieces of clothing or press abort on the mission and stick with a more simplistic style.

Socks and Flip Flops

This is not just downright ugly; it also doesn’t project responsibility. If you are going to wear this combo, gents, please do it in the privacy of your rooms, under no condition. I repeat, under no condition should you visit a woman wearing these. Oh, and don’t be like Mark, who wore faded jeans with white socks either. Ugh! It wasn’t appreciated. Socks are meant to keep your feet safe and warm, but please wear them under the right conditions and in the right colors.

Low Jeans

By all means, keep your jeans well worn and belted if possible. You’re not a prisoner. And even if you were, please adhere to the new fashion changes now that you’re out. When I say low jeans, I mean jeans pulled down to reveal your underwear. Ladies aren’t interested in the color of your underwear. Would you mind keeping that between you and the store you purchased it?

Running Shoes and Jeans

Running shoes were designed for one purpose – to run. Yes, sneakers are indeed being churned out creatively at an accelerated rate. We can barely keep up with all the innovative designs, but it’s best to pair them up properly. Instead of putting on running shoes with your jeans while not opt for the timeless white sneaker and jeans for that date or hangout? That way, you’re sure you won’t end up being the laughing stock of the evening with her lady friends.

Those Below The Knee Shorts

There was a time when they were trendy, stylish, and fashionable. Well, not anymore. Like life itself, the world of fashion is fast-paced and ever-changing. These days above the knee look is more stylish and fashionable. It gives great harmony to your looks, and it’s great for that beach stroll that may come up after the lunch or dinner date.

Tone Down Those Accessories

Accessories can make a fashion statement, and they are often a great addition to your looks. But when they are overdone, you can come out looking like a catastrophe from the middle ages. For instance, if you are on a date and have neck chains on, plus rings, plus wristwatches, and earrings. Well, you get the picture now. Tone it down. Even if you are a licensed jeweler or potential pop artist, this isn’t a good way to introduce your profession or dreams to a girl you just met.


Women do love beards. But they love well-kept beards. If you keep beards, always remember that you have to learn how to take good care of them so you don’t look like a tacky homeless guy. Make sure to clean your beards spilling out into your neck area and cheek. Let there be a neatly defined line, and don’t let them invade your lip area. Keep them well combed and oiled. There are numerous oils out there to help you keep your beards looking moisturized and great. 

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