5 Common Mistakes About Men’s Jewelry

5 Common Mistakes About Men’s Jewelry

If we had to make a list of excuses most males give when wearing men’s jewelry, the list would be endless.

“Wearing jewelry is only for women.”

“I’m not too confident about it.”

“Bling-bling is not my style.”

The truth is, jewelry is not for women alone. Males have been known to spot jewelry way back to the ancient B.C

Now, as far as we’re concerned, jewelry on a male adds to the charm he exudes. And when it’s a male who’s confident in his appeal, now that’s a dangerous combination! 

5 Common Mistakes About Men's Jewelry

So, if you’re interested in men’s jewelry or one who’s curious, we know you’d have a few questions or two. So we put out this article to guide you as you spot your favorite jewelry. 

If you’re not getting the effect you desire, it could be that you’ve been doing a few things wrong. 

Thankfully, you’re here now. With some more reading, you’re just a tiny step away from upping your game.

Here’s a list of the five common mistakes about men’s jewelry:

Mistake 1: Unmatched Skin Tones

Now, this is a big deal because your jewelry is supposed to complement your skin tone. 

Everyone has a specific skin tone – there are warm, calm, and neutral skin tones. These tones look great with specific colors. When matched to fit, they complement the skin tone they are placed on. For example, a neutral tone, i.e., one not too light or too dark, goes well with yellow or white-looking men’s jewelry. This means gold or silver would be a perfect fit. Warm skin tones would fit better with gold or yellow, while cool skin tones would perfectly match any light metal.

Mistake 2: Oversized Jewellery

Oversize is the downfall of any fashion. Most males think that wearing big jewelry calls attention to the wearer. True, but not all attention is good attention. Wear jewelry that complements your body size and frame. Men with broad hands or arms need more oversized wristwatches or jewelry, while slender men need sleek smaller men’s jewelry. 

Males with wide necks should wear longer necklaces. Keep in mind that if you wear jewelry that does not compliment your body frame, you draw attention to how undersized or oversized you are. Now we don’t want that, do we?

Mistake 3: Excessive Jewellery

The idea is to stay balanced, which can hardly be achieved with stacking piles of jewelry. It detracts from the purpose of wearing jewelry. How can your necklace’s value be seen when you simply pile 4-5 on each other. Sometimes less is more. Aim to achieve a balance. If you’re wearing a wristwatch, adding too many bracelets, on the other hand, would be further away from balanced jewelry. 

Mistake 4: Lack of Confidence

Your self-confidence is one of your greatest charms. Nothing beats the aura of a confident male. Lack of confidence, though, is a major setback when it becomes obvious. It could be you feel your jewelry is drawing too much attention, or you worry it appears too feminine. Whatever the case, it’s okay to worry. It shows you care about how you look and people’s perceptions. 

But here’s the bottom line, your jewelry is meant to stand out. If you’re wearing it right, it’s supposed to make an impression. As long as it’s not excessive, i.e., you’re not wearing multiple pieces of jewelry on one part of your body, then you have no cause for alarm. Enjoy the bling-bling as it goes. For all you know, a lot of people probably wish they could glow this much. 

Mistake 5: Not Minding The Occasion

In this case, there’s a lot to learn from women. They have specific men’s jewelry for specific occasions and match them accordingly. 

While most males tend to find this quite a hassle, it doesn’t mean you should set yourself up. 

Now, what do we mean? 

Imagine going for a job interview rocking multiple pieces of jewelry on every part of your body. You have to be kidding to attempt that. And you’d have to agree that attending a funeral is no place to showcase your diamond collections. 

Now you get it. While this doesn’t mean that you refrain from wearing jewelry, you can strive to achieve a balance. 

You need to wear something inconspicuous to expresses your style and, at the same time, will show modesty. 

You can determine if you can go all Bling on them or tone down the jewelry a bit for any other event. 

Now that we’re done. Which mistake did you relate to the most, and which tip did you find most helpful? You can visit our website to share your thoughts.

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