Men's Shoes - How it Will Complement the Denim You Are Wearing

Men’s Shoes: How it Will Complement the Denim You Are Wearing

Complimenting your denim is completing your whole outfit. Did you know that choosing the right men’s shoes will complement the denim you are wearing? Your shoes have the power to add or remove from your whole outfit, that is why most men are hard-pressed to find the right shoes for their denim jeans. 

One of the most humiliating events that could occur to you is selecting the footwear that speaks an entirely inappropriate language with your denim and overall outfit with it. 

Select a too-formal men’s shoes? And you would look like someone who just woke up from the 50s, select something less like flip flops? Well, you don’t want to know how confused that would make you look. 

Choosing the right men’s shoes for your denim shouldn’t be a dreaded thing for you either. You have to know what goes and what doesn’t. With the right concept, you can always step out looking like you own the 21st-century fashion industry. 

Men's Shoes: How it Will Complement the Denim You Are Wearing

What You Need To Know About Jeans 

The fashion world is a complicated industry on its own, but if you know your way around? You could always beat the trend anytime. 

So what do you need to learn before choosing a shoe style for your denim? 

  1. The Occasion 
  2. The Venue
  3. The Motive

Does it seem too complicated? Sure it is. You must bear these three things in mind while you open your closet to pick a shoe style. 

The Occasion 

What is the occasion? Is it supposed to be a birthday bash? Something? Or a formal homecoming event? 

You can’t possibly go to a homecoming wearing the same style or class of men’s shoes you wear to a birthday bash. No can do! 

Don’t even do that! You don’t want to step in there looking like you are the only one with a bad life after college. 

That your denim jean or jacket makes your choice of fashion for the night shouldn’t be the reason why you should look confused with your choice of shoe. 

The Venue

As I mentioned earlier, where you will determine what style of footwear you choose to wear. 

So many people refuse to pay attention to this, and it’s terrible! 

The Motive 

It would be best if you also contemplated the reason why you want to dress up. Do you feel like looking good or going to be there you want to look your best? 

Your motive for going out should always guide your hand while you rummage through your selections of men’s shoes.

Is it important? Yeah, it is! Very much! 

It is always best if you will ask those questions in your mind before you put your foot. 

Here are some particular men’s shoes you could try on. 

1. Skechers Palen Gadon Oxford

Palen Gadon Oxford by Skecher comes in handy for a casual outfit. Do you want something free and easy for a relaxed evening with friends or probably a date? Try this shoe. 

You could choose to tuck in a clean long sleeve slim fit shirt into your denim jeans. Make sure the jeans test slightly on the top of your Palen Gadon Oxford. 

To rock this outfit better, you could try on a T-shirt or a Turtleneck shirt (probably white or black) finish with a blue denim jacket. 

A blue Palen Gadon Oxford and a pair of blue jeans with a blue denim jacket over a white or black Turtleneck shirt? You are on. 

2. Trainers/Sneakers 

If you need something without the formality of style but still wants to retain a classy look with denim jeans and tuck in a polo top or T-shirt. Try simple-looking Trainers or sneakers. 

Try not to let the jeans cover your ankles. Your trainers need to be free before it can strike the look you deserve. 

3. Loafers 

As ancient as it might be in the fashion industry, loafers are still a primary choice for many people. 

Talk about a professional look, a lovely loafer with close-cut denim and a coat over a tucked-in T-shirt or shirt would always cut it for me. (What about you?) 

You could easily pull off a sophisticated appearance with this shoe, good thing we have so many updates and styles in the market already. 

Though you have to be cautious of color and the style, the more formal the event, the more you should be leaning more towards a black color with a more sleek shape for a loafer. 

4. Dress Shoes

Do you favor a dress shoe? And You feel like adding a little professional taste to your evening wear? Go ahead. 

Dress shoes complement your denim only when it’s the correct color and fit. Try not to wear something that lags. Look for denim that will perfectly fit your waist and hips. Always watch the length of the jeans and make sure that it is not dragging and too long.

Try to avoid skinny jeans. Skinny jeans that are too tight on your legs will make a dress shoe look more like a clown shoe on you. 

Try something fitting and firm around your shoe, legs, and waist. Try not to let it drag down over your shoe or sag around it. Just keep it slightly on your shoe. 

Your denim should be firm on you but not too tight. Wear with a shirt or T-shirt tucked in with a matching belt, and you are already good. 

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