Men’s Style Nightmare – Keeping Your Shirts Tucked

Men’s Style Nightmare – Keeping Your Shirts Tucked

What do you think about this men’s style nightmare? You run into a friend on your way to work. You’re both in a hurry and can barely chat for long. He pauses in the middle of your brief chat, arms outstretched, and reaches behind him to tuck the loose tails of his shirt. As he struggles, several other ends come untucked. You smile and make a mental note to check up on yours.

Two blocks down your office, you tug at your pants and instinctively reach out to your shirt. Oh No! Not again. Your shirt needs to be tucked in. 

Men’s Style Nightmare - Keeping Your Shirts Tucked

Typical male drama. Most males have to tuck in their shirts at least 20 times a day. The funny thing about this is the fact that it can be done anywhere and at any time. It’s common to see males struggling to tuck their shirts in at bus stops, malls, parks, and even in traffic.

On busy workdays, especially with the early morning rush hour, there’s always an eyeful of males trying to beat traffic while struggling to tuck their shirts in between. 

Most males have described this struggle as a men’s style nightmare, and we couldn’t agree any less, for even the simple task of bending over can make your shirt come undone.

So, how can you fix this style nightmare?

Are they any practical solutions?

The answer is a big YES. They’re practical solutions that you can try right away! And we’re pleased to bring them to you. 

1. Go for Longer Fitted Shirts

Here’s why we advise this. Shorter shirts come undone a lot quicker. The shorter your shirt, the easier it is to slip out your pants. Even the slightest movements like raising your arms, bending over, or even attempting to sit can cause them to slip out.

So go for men’s style with shirts that extend below your pelvic region. Another key is to keep it fitted. Oversized shirts are less likely to stay in place and more likely to produce loose tail ends. 

2. Traditional Shirt Stays

Yes, traditional shirt stays have long been in existence and have been known to do a pretty fantastic job keeping shirts tucked in. They function as suspenders inside the pants and have clips fastened onto the bottom of your dress shirt. The suspenders run down to the socks line. They are varying types of shirt stays, with some being less than $20 over the counter. Traditional Shirt stays are pretty much useful and save the discomfort of tucking in every single time.

3. The Military Tuck

In men’s style, this type of tuck works better if your shirts have a lot of material. The process is simple. You need to tuck your shirt into your pants, but right before zipping up, you take the excess ends forward into the position of your belt buckle and zip up.

Once this is done, you can adjust your body, so the shirt doesn’t feel confining. 

Your belt helps to keep the excess ends in check. Take note that you have to fasten your belt as tight as possible, so the tucked ends don’t slip out.

4. Tucking Your Undershirt Into Your Underwear

Let’s say that this may not be the best option, but it works, and you don’t have to spend a dime. This is recommended if you’re wearing an undershirt before your dress shirt. All you need to do is to simply tuck your undershirt into your underwear or briefs and then tuck your dress shirt into your pants. This will prevent your undershirt from pulling your shirt out of your pants. 

Never tuck your dress shirt into your pants. This is a big no in men’s style! 

No one wants to see your underwear rising over your pants. 

We are hoping that you found these tips helpful for keeping your shirt tucked, and we wish you to experiment with them and keep us posted on the outcome. You can access these and many other fashion-related tips on our website.

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