The 5 Secret of Men’s Style and How it Defines You

The 5 Secret of Men’s Style and How it Defines You

Just in case you didn’t know or have never realized it, a men’s style defines you, Amigo. 

Fashion is beautiful and changing from time to time. It has a world of its own. Diverse, dynamic, energetic, and multidimensional in self-expression. It’s how we show the world who we are and how we all celebrate our individuality. As much as we have all been advised not to judge people by their clothing choices, the fact remains that we still do. People define you by your clothes within an estimated seven seconds of meeting you because your outfits reflect your personality.

The 5 Secret of Men's Style and How it Defines You

The downside of this is when stereotypes come into play. Some accessories or specific clothes can stereotype a person. For instance, Karl is a guy who isn’t particularly intellectually talented or inclined. But Karl wears black-rimmed glasses to class every day because he’s got Myopia. But unless Karl explains this to you, you won’t know this. Everyone thinks that Karl is a genius when it comes to comprehending advanced calculus and deciphering math formulas and Newton’s relativity theories. Karl can’t stand five minutes of class in the real sense, but because he wears glasses, everyone is under the impression that he’s highly intelligent even if he isn’t.

 A lot of people think that because they patronize certain brands, they are stylish. If this is your senor, let me tell you that trends and pop culture have consciously influenced you. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, your creativity and originality are stifled. Your choice for men’s style should define you and not a brand name. Most people love to wear brand names because of the way it makes them feel. They feel better when they wear a stylish Balenciaga blazer or a nice shirt from Louis Vuitton. That’s what is popularly referred to as retail therapy. 

Now I’m not criticizing the desires or cravings of brand names. We live in a world steeped in brand culture. But it shouldn’t matter whether you bought those leather shoes from Bendel’s or those pants from Oscar de la Renta. That shouldn’t be the defining element. The defining element should emanate from how you put your outfit together and the kind of confidence you derive from the whole outfit.

Whenever we walk into stores, the parts are divided because we live in a society of hierarchies. Naturally, we are drawn to the better parts of a store, but remember that you don’t have to splurge or go beyond your means to look stylish. I’ve seen guys who look great wearing clothes they got from a cheap yard or garage sale. This is where I’d like to distinguish between fashion and style by telling you about the secrets embedded in having an outstanding men’s style.

Now in case you don’t believe me, I’m dishing out scholarly facts here, straight out the mouths of psychology experts about men’s fashion and style.

Secret No. 1 

Style is intelligent. Your style is also a reflection of your intellect and how much you know yourself. Pulling off great men’s style requires a lot of intelligence, especially if you want to be creative and admired with it. Many people think that Men’s Style is boring and predictable, and as such, there isn’t much they can do with it. But if the person who has a genuine interest in being stylish employs his intelligence to achieve it.

Secret No. 2

The style displays your level of optimism. Life can give us complications, especially for us men. It can be daunting, crushing, and filled with endless frustrations. Even for the most stylish, there’s always that one day you don’t feel up to it, and you throw on a mourning outfit. The vast majority of people dress according to how their mood dictates. However, when you look great always, it shows that you believe in the definition of life and everything it has to offer. That you believe life is worth making an effort for 

Secret No. 3

Style does not conform to trends or ideals set by others. Style is unique, refreshing, and innovative. It gives you your own identity, founded on what you wear, how you wear it and groom yourself. If you want to conform to trends or follow up on trends alone, you aren’t genuinely stylish. Finding your unique identity is a process that involves a lot of exploration while trying to discover what will work for you and what will not.

Secret No. 4

Style is embedded in aristocracy. Even if you weren’t born as one and have no shred of nobility in your blood, style can make you look so respectable that you set yourself apart from others. One key thing people forget about style is that it’s possible to project that image you desire with your men’s style. Do you want to be successful? Dress successfully. Do you want to be respected? Dress in such a way that you commandeer respect wherever you go.

Secret No. 5

Men’s style has a dual representation. It shows both self-knowledge and self-confidence. This is what differs style from fashion. Fashion entails the clothes you wear, but the style is all about you. It’s your attitude and personality all rolled into one. If you think about it, there’s always a story behind what you wear. And it’s the same for everyone before we all emerge and are categorized into classy, trendy, chic, casual, romantic, or well, downright ridiculous. 

Remember that men’s style defines your self-expression and says monumental things about your self-confidence. To attain your innate style, you must be ready to explore, which means you will make mistakes. Remember that Rome was not raised and assembled in one day, and even as a child, you stumbled hundreds of times before you perfected the walk you have today. Everything is a process. And even men’s style is no exception. But if you always remember the secrets of style and what it truly entails, you will become the most stylish version of yourself in no time. 

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