Men's Style: The 6th Secret Never Talked About

Men’s Style: The 6th Secret Never Talked About

Not everyone will tell you this man. But I’ll tell you two things about men’s style that most people don’t say – style is everything and style are needed everywhere.

Your style is eternal. Fashion comes around and saunters off later on depending on the trends, but men’s style never leaves once created. Fashion is a fad that consistently keeps you in comparison mode. If you compare yourself to everyone around you and try to keep up with the season, it might create a massive dent in your finances.

The 6th Secret Never Talked About: Men's Style!

You spend on purchases in the stores and what you see in magazines because when you get knee-deep in the world of fashion, there’s just no going back. It becomes like an exhausting addiction trying to keep up. But style? Men’s style is creative, timeless, and often effortless when you have mastered it because it comes from you. It depicts you, expresses to you, and celebrates your unique individuality.

Your men’s style can be anything you want it to be. When you take time out to curate your own admirable and unique style, you ooze charisma and confidence. You generate lots of charm and appeal, becoming the kind of man everyone wants to associate with. Everything else becomes effortless. In terms of romance, your attractiveness soars. In terms of career, you’re unconsciously building a brand of your own. Great style helps you to exude confidence and wield influence because your compelling image takes in people. They start to trust you more, lean towards your judgment, and react positively to you because of how you epitomize class and elegance.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it. There are many chances that you have heard it before, but you’ll hear it again. Your success is inextricably woven with your men’s style and image. There’s no separating both of them because they are intertwined. You might think that there are other reasons why you aren’t closing those sales, or attracting more clients, or winning those cases, but the truth is your lack of self-confidence can be felt wherever you go.

Wonder why those ladies keep rejecting you? Why they smile sweetly and tell you they’re busy on a Saturday night? They’d be content staring at the moon all night rather than go on a date with a guy that has crappy and pitiful men’s style. 

Your style is intrinsically tied up to almost every sphere of your life. So shouldn’t you develop a sense of style if you have none? And if you have one, you can always grow and improve. A lot of men don’t understand male psychology that applies to style. Breathe and take a moment amigo, what motivates you to dress correctly? Well, I don’t know what your answer is, but the average male dresses because his ego craves respect and not just acceptance. Whenever we wear a pair of jeans or a nice shirt, we wonder if we look like the most badass version of ourselves.

We wonder if we look cool enough to be well received, whether it’s on a date, at a board meeting, or at work. So how do you leave home every day with one less thing to question? How do you make sure that your style ensures all-round success?

Here are a couple of tips within the context of your career and your personal life for men’s style:

The 6th Ingredient For That Date: Style

If you’re on a date and unsure about what you should wear, don’t just think about impressing her. Consider the kind of image you want her to have of you. What do you want her to think? Do you want her to see you as a confident and successful man? Then suit up, brother! Want to give her a sneak peek into your intellect? Opt for something with a hint of art or creativity. Are you impulsive and daring? Is it a side you want her to see?

I’ll tell you something. Anyone with an audacious sense of men’s style tends to be a lot more attractive. On a side note, if you want to show her how successful you are, don’t ruin your vibes by taking her to eat a hamburger at McDonald’s while you wear a suit. Do better.

Your shoes matter too! Shoes have a personality of their own, so anything you wear should project your shoes’ persona. Also, dress up with care. How do you wear what you wear? You don’t need to be as handsome as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, or Chris Evans to scale up your attractiveness level.

Cleaning up well and grooming yourself well can help you out with that. People generally respond well to those who have a neat and well-groomed presentation. And you can be sure that lady will give you all her attention if you look and smell good. No matter the outfit, grooming yourself well creates a memorable first impression.

The 6th Ingredient For That Career: Style

Ever heard this old Maxim: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. No matter your chosen career, as long as you are in the corporate world, you will always be judged according to how you dress. And why this doesn’t define your productivity, you might as well get used to it and accept it. Except, of course, you work at Facebook or Google. These powerhouse companies allow their employees to be casual. 

But let’s even assume for a moment that you work there. Did you know that wearing casual clothes at work diminishes your performance? However, dressing up in a suit boosts your confidence, increases respect, and boosts your productivity levels. Whether you know it or not, your emotions are affected by your clothing choices. Wear a nice suit or a well tucked short and trousers, and watch yourself display power, elegance, and class. Always dress up like you are already the successful man you want to be.

Dressing up well at work can also increase your chances of moving up quickly on the corporate ladder. So if you want a promotion, dressing the part would aid you a lot in success. Your dressing style makes you credible and also gives others the impression that you can take on more responsibility. It is not required always have to be a suit. You can dress and stylishly with neutral manly colors. However, it’s best to follow company policies in terms of getting dressed for work. Your clothes communicate, and they can be instrumental or be a detriment to your success. 

Just remember that it is a mechanism of influence that wields power over perception. Check our online shop to check our new collections for men’s style and fashion.

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