mannersforhim Top 5 Mistakes About Men’s Style You Need to Stop Doing

Top 5 Mistakes About Men’s Style You Need to Stop Doing

Being fashion-oriented is trendy stuff. With the upsurge in the fashion industry, class, and style, one must be up to date with the relevant fashion tips in vogue when it comes to being fashionable with the right men’s style. 

When it comes to men’s style and fashion, there’s a certain level of expectation that is placed. Before a man even speaks, a more significant factor contributing to the response he’s bound to get will come from opinions formed in people’s heads about the way he is dressed. By this, a man ought to know a bit about these fashion tips, something to save him from wading into a fashion blunder, which happens to be just the order of the day. 

Top 5 Mistakes About Men's Style You Need to Stop Doing

Now let’s be realistic, though. What seems fashionable to one man might be different from what appeals to the other man. 

The difference in tastes it is. However, whatever your idea of classy or stylish fashion is, there are five things you should watch out for irrespective of your tastes. 

Men’s Style Mistakes Men Make:

1. Not dressing for the occasion:

Most men tend to be lackadaisical or carefree when it comes to dressing for any occasion. They don’t dress the part. Instead, they settle for something less than what should be. This, in itself, is a no-no. 

Every occasion has a designated outfit for it, which makes you blend into it quickly, without coming off as tacky. If you’re the kind of man who holds on to the ”I-dress-my-way’’ mentality, it’s time to do away with it. 

If you’re dressing for an interview, you’ll likely not go in crocs and sweatpants. Neither would you don a tee shirt or baseball cap; you’d probably dress the part. The same goes for a hangout session with your friends. You’d wear something casual and more relaxing. That is you making an effort to look the part.

Now imagine you going for some grand event or a date, and you’re underdressed. You’ll not only look tacky and inferior to everyone there but also your date or partner will be highly uncomfortable because one person gets to be underdressed. The other gets to feel overdressed, which in itself is a mismatch. Apart from that, it sells you off as one who makes no efforts regarding his appearance. You don’t want this label on you now, or do you? Of course not. Ensure you dress the part!

2. Wearing an oversized cloth:

Honestly, this is a fashion misfit. Wearing oversized clothes for men is something you might want to avoid if you don’t want to be seen as making a fashion mistake. Sadly, this doesn’t seem emphasized enough. 

Wearing oversized or baggy clothes makes you appear mundane and out of style, leaving you with that unprofessional appearance, you may desperately want to avoid. If you’re a bit on the smaller side, donning an oversized shirt or polo will, of course, make you appear twice smaller than your actual size. The excess loose ends hanging to your sides will create a messy look that tarnishes the stylish image you’ve worked hard to achieve. 

Oversized pants? This goes hand in hand with an oversized shirt. It gives you the same no stylish look. If you want to be addressed the way you’re dressed, like one with style and professionalism, then your outfit says a lot about that for you. You can’t expect to dress in a loose shirt and baggy pants and be accorded the same respect as one dressed in a well-fitted shirt and pants. Unless you’re aiming for a comic effect, oversized attires are a fashion misfit. 

What to wear instead?

Instead of spotting oversized outfits, go for well-fitted clothes. When shopping for an outfit, you should go for an outfit that is one size down your average size. Not too tight, and of course not too loose, something that is well fitted. Be it pants, tee shirts, or formal wears, go for a well fitted one. This contributes to a classy masculine look, making you exude the needed confidence, and of course, it will undoubtedly make you appeal to people. 

Baggy clothes aren’t trendy in any way. Don’t confuse a misfit for fashion. 

3. Wrong color palette combination:

While you should get creative with your outfits, you might want to tone down on that creativity a bit. Choosing the right color for your outfits should be taken into consideration too. Sometimes, most men don’t pay attention to this, they wear mismatched outfits, and this screams fashion blunder.

When it comes to men’s outfits, it is advisable to maintain neutral colors, unlike women’s fashion, unless you want to be the walking version of bright colors. Beige, white, gray, navy blue, black, olive green colors, amongst other neutral colors, you are advisable for men.

Do not make the mistake of being a walking rainbow with flashy ties, belts, or outfits that single you out from the crowd. That’s not in the men’s fashion handbook. Don’t invent one yourself.

4. Leaving Brand Labels on:

What’s the point in leaving a brand label on? Are you trying to act impressive? It makes no sense. Even if you’re robbed in the most expensive suit, or casual wear, leaving the brand label on has a way of making you come off as cheap and seeking attention. Brand labels are not meant to be worn with the outfit. Take them off, else it ruins your high fashion sense, leaving it tasteless and bland. You don’t want that, neither did you want the stares that’ll follow you across the room. No matter how cool a brand label may appear on your outfit, take them off, don’t make the mistake of letting them be.

5. Using too many accessories:

Dressing to look the part is one thing, but overdressing is another, especially when you match it with too many accessories. Men’s style is starkly different from women’s styles. The latter gets to match with many accessories and still comes out stylish, but not so much for men. In fact, for men’s fashion, less is more. 

Avoid matching accessories like a dress watch, lapels, collar pin, suspenders, tie, bracelet, and all that at once. It gives you a cluttered look and thwarts your effort at being classy. Besides, it draws unnecessary attention to you. You may want to avoid this.

Instead of entrapping yourself with every accessory, you can find, you should pick one or two and make them your signature look. 

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