mannersforhim Men’s Sunglasses: A Trendy Yet Protective Fashion Style

Men’s Sunglasses: A Trendy Yet Protective Fashion Style

One of the essential style options you have is choosing a good pair of side-eyes this summer. You’re probably thinking of a men’s sunglasses. Yeah, that’s right! 

They’re called side eyes for a good reason. Whether it’s summer or any other season, a good shade will do much more than protect your eyes from harmful sun rays or dust particles. It also gives your outfits a stylish boost and enables you to flex your fashion muscles even with the most straightforward and most casual attire.  

Men's Sunglasses - Manners for Him

Sometimes, even something as simple as khaki shorts and an old T-shirt. 

If you have plans staying active, going places, or doing stuff this summer, a good pair of efficient men’s sunglasses are highly recommended. Whether it’s a formal event or something casual like a barbecue party at the back of a yard, let a pair of quality shades boost your style and make a great fashion statement. 

Men’s Sunglasses: The Trendy Fashion Item

Luckily enough, the sunglasses market is rapidly growing. From affordable shades to the high-end Polo Ralph brands and the antique Aviator sunglasses, there sure is an endless collection to shop from. 

Before you shop, though, you might want to know what makes a good pair of men’s sunglasses. That’s right. 

What Makes a Good Pair of Shades

UV Protection

This does not have anything to do with color or cost. Price tags or color are only features. They do not block UV rays in any way. Certain chemicals are added to the material of the lens, or special coatings are used during manufacturing to improve the UV absorption ability.

When you shop for sunglasses, choose those items that are providing blocking of 99-100% of UV light. 

Worried about where to shop for 100% or UV400 protection, Manners Fashion Retro Vintage Flip Up Sunglasses are just the right option. The vintage flip shade manages to maintain both style and efficiency at the same time.


Wraparounds are special protection offers. Sunglasses that possess wraparounds help in blocking the temples and preventing rays from entering the sides. Research conducted on most local standard versions of men’s sunglasses shows that the absence of wraparounds in most shades enables enough UV rays to penetrate the lenses, thus reducing the protective benefits. 

Lens Quality 

The quality of lenses also matters a lot. Here’s one easy hack. Try wearing your shades in front of a mirror. You shouldn’t be able to see your eyes easily through the lenses. If you can, they’re probably too light.

Always go for a uniform tint, not one darker in one area than in another. To do this, here’s what you can do. Try holding the shade at arm’s length and then look through the lenses at a straight line in a distance.

The edge of a door can do the trick. Slowly move the lens across the line in view. If the straight line breaks or sways into a curve or a distorted line, look no further. You have a flawed lens.

Where can I shop for the right lens?

Great! Now you know how to identify a great pair of shades. Where can you pick one with the right fit?

Manners has got you covered with their Retro Vintage Round Flip-up Sunglasses. 

Suitable for all kinds of faces, round, oval, or long-faced. This stylish shade offers you a premium quality of guaranteed UV protection for all types of occasions, whether it’s fishing, diving, or even outdoor sports. Our retro vintage men’s sunglasses have a perfect design to keep you classy yet protected. A perfect side-eye for a good eye! 

Manners – Quality is affordable!

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