mannersforhim Men’s Watch: An Accessory That Makes All The Difference

Men’s Watch: An Accessory That Makes All The Difference

Why use a wristwatch if you can see the time on your mobile phone? Despite technological advances, nothing replaces a beautiful men’s watch because its function goes beyond the need to control time. It is the first male accessory, practically a way of extending his personality.

Men’s watches have been in style since their invention. Whether they are in their pocket (as in the old times) or on their wrists, a man knows that choosing the right model can say a lot about his lifestyle.

Men's Watch: An Accessory That Makes All The Difference

The watch was never out of the masculine club, always walking side by side with the man, just a good taste in the choice, and will always be welcome. The wave of rings, bracelets, or chains for man can arrive and go, but the men’s watch does not lose its space and can even complement these accessories.

In a more basic look, it enhances your style. In a more formal environment, you can set the right tone that makes you stand out from the crowd. With a variety of materials, the watch can match diverse occasions. From the formal look of the suit to a wedding, a business meeting, or even a romantic dinner, it is an accessory with a masculine identity that never will be obsolete.

A beautiful watch makes a difference as a men’s accessory and attracts attention, as it immediately reveals what the man’s lifestyle is. Classic? Formal? Sporty? Fashion? Depending on its characteristics: model, size, the height of the box, and bracelet’s material, it gives a clue about who you are.

As men do not wear many accessories, the few used say a lot about their personality, and the model of the watch conveys a lot of the image of the man who carries it. For example, a watch with large dials, with chronographs, and a metal strap, helps to convey an image linked to virility, youthfulness, dynamism, and speed. A classic model, with a slim case, with analog dial and leather strap, conveys the impression of sobriety, responsibility, confidence, and solidity. You can choose a model according to your personality or the idea you want to make on a specific occasion.

More elegant and formal looks require classic watches with leather straps and more noble and thin cases. To use it in more popular social events, pieces with more robust and colorful dials, more striking visuals, and more details set the tone; besides, steel sports watches, with vivid details on the straps and numbers on the dials, offer another more casual and versatile option.

Its prestige is unparalleled, and many watch brands carry centuries of tradition on it, in addition to the concern in the manual art of producing a high-quality watch. When you invest in a watch of this level, you have a potential relic, with a durable accessory that is sometimes passed on for generations. You can opt for cheaper watches, but they will not have the added status or the same quality since a high-quality one can make the difference between any watch and the one that will stand out.

If your question is which model to buy, here are some essential tips:

– If you are the first or intend to have only one model, the suggestion is to opt for a multipurpose and hybrid accessory, like this one sold by Manners for Him.

– If you want to buy a second men’s watch, you can choose between more segmented models, such as a sports watch or a social watch with a leather strap and a charming metal case. Check this fantastic model for Manners Collection.

After defining your goal with the purchase of a men’s watch, think about your style. The ideal is to find that balance point where things seem to be in the right place. The body, the clock, and the context of the clothing must compose the set.

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