mannersforhim 10 Things About Men’s Wear That Women Hate

10 Things About Men’s Wear That Women Hate

If you’re probably wondering if it’s indeed possible that women could hate something about men’s wear, right? Yes! They do. And not just anything, there’s nothing that ticks a woman off than a man with no style, like completely no style. 

No woman would want to be embarrassed by being seen hanging around a man without a single clue about fashion. It’s a turn off! Zero attraction level if there’s such a word. Now we’ve gotten your curiosity piqued, you might wonder, what gives off a man as being non-stylish?

10 Things About Men's Wear That Women Hate

What are the absolute “don’ts” of men’s wear? Well, worry no more. Manners for Him is determined to provide an elegant male with the definitive guide for men’s style. Our newly updated ebook is now available for all who desire to up their fashion game. Fittingly named “25 Mistakes of Style,” this fashion recipe is guaranteed to take you three steps higher on the fashion ladder. Yes, you read that, right! 

And to top it all, we’ve prepared this article consisting of a few things men do, which show a lack of style.

We know you’d like to know more, and for that, you’ll have to consult our ebook for more details on the men’s wear that women hate. 

Meanwhile, let’s briefly go straight to these absolute “don’ts of men’s wear.”

1. Extremely Baggy Pants

Incredibly right before the word, baggy is a bad combination. It’s okay if you’re a laborer in the fields or filming for a Santa Claus role, but going for a date, hangout, or a formal event, it’s a no!

Women hate men who encase themselves in pants that look handed down to them from a family antique collection. The same goes for shirts and tees. It screams lack of style, and you don’t want any of this now, or do you? So, instead of wearing baggy pants, try well-fitted pants that are just the right size. Take note, not too tight and not too loose either, or you might end up disappointed in the uncomfortable effect on onlookers.

2. Extra Skinny Jeans/Pants

Okay, you’re probably thinking, if baggy pants won’t cut it, how about skinny jeans/pants? The same way a woman clothed in too tight clothes would make most men cringe; it does the same vice versa. Baggy pants are a no-no, but extra skinny is even worse. 

The word here is well fitted, not extra tight. No one wants to see your thighs, crotch, or calves hugged by a pair of jeans/pants. It’s a total turn off. Keep it moderate! Well fitted is the word. 

3. The Wrong Color of Socks

Matching the wrong color of socks to an outfit is a total disaster, a huge turn off! It’s even worse when you get to pair that outfit with white sporting socks, outside a sports attire or outfit. And it’s even worse when you decide not to wear any socks with an outfit that certainly demands one. For tips on how to wear your socks, the right color, our ebook, “25 Mistakes of Style,” lists this common trend as mistake number 4 and is designed to help you do it right. 

4. Mismatched Belts and Shoes

Even in your mind’s eye, a mismatched combination is tragic. Matching your shoes to your belt color, or one not so off-color shows your knowledge, and how well vested in men’s wear you are. Anything outside this is something you’d want to avoid. It shows a real lack of style or the knowledge thereof. Women hate it. No one wants to feel embarrassed being spotted with a man who can barely match simple accessories.

Here’s an additional tip for belting: ensure you don’t go flaunting belts with big buckles. It makes no sense, especially on a formal outfit.

5. Showing Off

Be it with your over a draped outfit or by your actions and mannerisms. Women hate a man who shows off. Apart from screaming no style, because it makes no sense why you would be overdressed in the name of being stylish, it shows you’re insecure and seek attention. Trust me. Women do not take this lightly. 

To top it all, do not let your talk be centered around you alone. Conversations about your work, achievement, life, or just everything that screams you alone gives off a selfish vibe and seem attention-seeking. No one gets attracted to a needy person. So yes, women do hate this about men. It shows you lack class and style. Just keep it simple and tone it down. 

6. Wrinkled Clothing

It’s one thing to acquire the right set of outfits, but it’s another thing to get them well pressed into good condition. Wearing wrinkled clothes, no matter the quality and the right size, they may invariably pass the same message across to women. 

”He lacks style!”

Ensure you iron your clothes properly before pulling them on. This not only boosts your confidence but makes you desirable and attractive, like one who has style.

7. Shirts with Deep V-Necks

This is a personal turn off for most females. May you want to wear a V-neck shirt? Fine. Maybe just a little of it. But having it dip down your chest and exposing what’s supposed to be tucked inside a shirt such as your undershirts or singlets is a huge turn-off. It makes no sense. Instead, you may be perceived as a child, a bit, screaming for attention, and that isn’t what you want. 

So instead of going for deep V-necks, why not try other round necks tees instead? A well fitted one with the right color will undoubtedly make the best impression, instead of setting yourself up for criticizing stares.

8. Unkempt Facial Hair

No doubt, women take a great liking to men with facial hair, and going with the trend of today, facial hair remains one of the top essentials in what most women like in men. If you’re in the bearded gang category, you’re mostly going to be the women’s favorite. However, as much as this feature is among the things that endear you to women, it can also be the same thing that sends them hurrying in the opposite direction when you draw closer.

An unkempt beard comes off as a lack of care for your hygiene, and just so you know, women don’t fancy that. Unkempt beards are in no way trendy. It deviates from the purpose of keeping beards. So if you’re going the trendy beard keeping way, be sure to trim regularly, or you might want to consider going beardless. 

9. Pairing the Wrong Shoes with an Outfit

Your shoes are one of the first things women tend to notice about you when you approach them, even if they may be smiling into your face. Pairing the right shoes to an outfit may not come naturally to some, and that’s why we prepared these helpful tips on how to pair the perfect shoe with an outfit. You can check it out listed as #2 Mistakes of Style most men make. 

Donning sneakers with a formal outfit doesn’t go down well with onlookers and indeed writes you in the bad female book. It shows a lack of men’s wear style. Thus, to up your game, know when to pair a specific pair of shows with an outfit. This not only improves your self-confidence, but it also makes you come off as a professional and someone who commands respect. And this is the kind of man every woman wants.

10. The Wrong Tie Length

You must have come across one of our ebooks that described the place of a tie in men’s clothing. This simple accessory is often misused or, as we like to put it, mismatched.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can access it here. (provide link) 

Wearing ties have a way of giving you that formal and professional look that exudes masculinity and male aura. Women get drawn to a man who knows how to create the perfect combination with his outfit and tie, be it among tie or a bow tie. 

But this could also be a severe turn-off when you make the mistake of wearing a tie with the wrong length. For an appropriately worn tie, the length should fall past your cheat and rest on your belt line. Of course, anything short of that is a lack of class and style, a fashion travesty.

Now that’s ten excellent tips to guide you as you strive to improve your fashion style and male elegance.

Of course, we understand it’s only a gradual process, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. So take your time to learn and improve. Just remember, sometimes keeping it simple, neat, and cute often does the trick!

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