Money, Power, and Style for Men: What Lies Ahead?

Money, Power, and Style for Men: What Lies Ahead?

While I can’t say that money, power, and style for men are inextricable, they are indeed interconnected. They all play roles within each other. Power is symbolic of mega-success and influence, and those who are privileged to wield. It usually has a unique style because power involves a lot of public interactions and displays. World leaders, Cardinals, kings, famous entrepreneurs, presidents, prime ministers, diplomats, and powerful politicians are just examples of those who have power. These men suit up, and it helps project their image as formal but immensely powerful. 

Money is also very much incorporated into the style for men. Money is a generally accepted form of payment of goods and services and the repayment of debts in any given country or any socio-economic context. It is an exchange medium, a unit of account; a store of value; a standard of deferred payment.

Money, Power, and Style for Men: What Lies Ahead?

I’ve said it before that money is a desirable resource. Why? The money will give you the power and freedom to create life on your terms, to carve your path with little or no restraints. Money means being able to give your family the best in terms of healthcare, education, and access to the best opportunities early in life. Money is necessary because it translates merely into fewer financial worries and fewer financial constraints. Of course, this is not to say everything is easy for the rich or have no worries. They have fewer financial worries. 

I’ll tell you something for free, homie. I want to make loads and loads of cash. It’s the secret to a good life. Don’t believe me, check out the lifestyle of multimillionaires or the larger-than-life persona of Hollywood and its stars. But well, I digress. The idea of money has existed for more than a millennia. Often, I wonder how the world would have turned out without the existence of money. Guess I’ll never know because money has been ingrained in the life of the world even long before my greatest ancestors walked this Earth. 

 Aside from the immense advantages of money, it has been embedded in style for ages. It used to be repurposed and transformed into a style for men accessory when the rise of metal as an accepted form of currency began. In England, the end of the iron age and the beginning of the medieval age saw wide reuse of coins for jewelry. They also became a symbol of status and power. For instance, in the Byzantine empire, people used currencies to display their connections with status and power. Coins were used as portraits of the emperor; to wear them on one’s neck symbolized confidence in his domain. In India, an Emperor who lived in the Mughal era issued coins with his visage and coins with zodiac signs.

However, in today’s world, especially in popular culture, money, and style for men go hand in hand. In September 2018, reality star and sex symbol Kim Kardashian West attended an exclusive party to celebrate her friend Anastasia Soare. Anastasia is a makeup mogul. At this point, her company Anastasia Beverly Hills had sold a minority stake in a deal that could give the business a whopping value of 3 billion dollars. Wow! Well, what do you do when your friend sells her company and makes a couple of billions? According to Kim, “you wear a full money outfit and throw her a party Okcurr!!”

So that’s what Kardashian exactly did, and she arrived at the party draped in a dripping and solid style for men’s money outfit. She wore a dollar printed Jeremy Scott trench coat, and dollar printed Balenciaga boots, plus a Judith Leiber bag emblazoned with a sparkly dollar bill print. Expensive designer outfits paid for with millions of dollars and the dollar bill stamped on her outfit. No doubt, the message, and the concept were clear to everyone. Cardi B released a track dedicated to money and then draped herself in gold watches for the artwork. Now cardi is unabashedly political and, of course, has a heart that goes out to the masses and everything, which is sweet, of course, but her constant moneyed outfits have depicted what side she’d rather be on – The money side.

In 1995, a costume designer wore an outfit made purely out of American Express Gold cards to the Academy Awards in Los Angeles 1995. In 2017, renowned designer Alexander Wang and Judith Leiber, a famous glittery bags designer, came together and designed a bag to look like a dollar bill roll. Why all these examples? I’m just trying to explain that money has been infused in fashion for ages. 

Money as fashion/style for men is engulfed within the scope of power. Money ingrained in style gives off the assumption of astounding mega success. After all, many people can’t feed themselves appropriately because they have no money, yet others wear money to signify their class, wealth, status, and power. It depicts who you are and ultimately commands respect. (And a bit of flattery too, though).

The truth is that those who effortlessly pull off moneyed styles today learned how to perfect the art of style beforehand. Kardashian didn’t just learn how to wear money outfits. She’s been wearing great outfits for a long time. Cultivating an impressive personal style will only fetch you benefits in the long run. Style is that one key missing ingredient that’s rarely discussed in spite of how advantageous it is. 

So tell me, do you plan on attaining that wealthy moneyed lifestyle? Are you working towards it? Do you have concrete plans? Do you have a timeframe set for its accomplishment? If you answered yes to all these, then what is your sense of style like?

Is it fab? Drab? Pitiful? Trendy, classy, or romantic? If you want to attain mega-success, you have to build up your style game. It would be terrible if you eventually accomplished it all only to look disbelievingly uncool when your sense of style should be applauded and celebrated.

Trust the process! Embrace a style for men! Visit the Manners Shop to check the item that suits you!

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