mannersforhim New Men’s Fashion Trends to Think About this Year

New Men’s Fashion Trends to Think About this Year

Men’s fashion is and always has been changing. Most trends and styles don’t stick around for very long, except for some timeless classics. By and large, today do not dress the same way they did forty years ago, and they will not dress the same in the future. Because of that, it can be useful to know what new things are popping up in the men’s fashion community, simply because men may like them and want to incorporate them into their wardrobes or because they want to get ahead of the curve. Whatever the reason, there are many new men’s clothing trends that have established themselves in society, and men should know what they will see when looking at new items for the year. 

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Patchwork is Popular 

The casual look is coming back! Patchwork clothes are being introduced back into men’s clothing in many stores all over the world. Many of these brands are the high-end companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but even brands that aren’t quite premium, such as Gap and the Banana Republic, are releasing items of the patchwork style. This style means a variety of fabrics are being used for clothing, or that the products look as though they were homemade. This is not the first time that more everyday items have become popular, but as new clothes hit the shelves at the end of the year and the beginning of 2021, men can expect to see more and more items crafted with patchwork mind. 

Athletic Shoes are the Norm 

The modern man is often on the go (perhaps not now, but usually), and as such, the athletic shoe has become incredibly popular. When most people hear ‘athletic shoes.’, they think about running and serious sports, and while those shoes are also popular and fall within the category, they are not what is primarily being sold. Athletic shoes are for comfort and frequent use, and they often go hand-in-hand with activewear. Athletic shoes are becoming more and more popular, and again, men should expect to see more of them on the shelves if they plan on going shopping any time soon. 

Baggy Clothes Fit 

Fashion is odd, nobody denies it, and it may seem weird that baggy items are becoming more and more popular. After all, not too long ago, there was an emphasis on fit in the world of men’s fashion. Now oversized items are becoming common. Baggy blazers and pants are especially a staple of the new trend in men, aiming almost to distort the figure in subtle ways. Baggy clothing is also often more comfortable and practical. Indeed, men don’t have to worry about not fitting in their baggy items or having minimal room for their other things. Baggy clothes can also be purchased affordably, as not every brand that is selling them is a premium company. And also, oversized clothing can be purchased oversized. Men don’t have to get an oversized blazer. For example, they can buy a bigger size than they are. Either way, baggy clothes are gaining popularity, and it doesn’t seem like they are going away any time soon. 

Men’s Bags 

Men’s bags are gaining serious traction, mostly because they are so practical. A men’s bag doesn’t have to mean and over the shoulder item or a “man purse.” However, there are now plenty of those options for men to choose from. Instead, it more commonly means a fanny pack or a small backpack. These items are not meant to hold a ton of items, but the essentials are crafted to accentuate men’s style. Men’s bags can be expensive, especially for nice ones, but they can last for a very long time. And, as they become more popular, more prominent companies will start to release more affordable versions. So, for those men looking to participate in some new men’s fashion trends, a bag might be the space-saving and affordable item to purchase to complete the wardrobe. 

Remembering the Classics 

Finally, another trend that is becoming present is clothes that are crafted as an homage to previous popular items. This means taking materials and designs and refreshing them to look modern, which can be incredibly successful when companies get them right. Besides, vintage is all the rage at the current moment. Selling items that are made to make men look vintage is a large market. Companies are coming out with more and more products supposed to evoke old style while pared with new items. These products can be a little bit more expensive, though more widely known companies lead the charge primarily for vintage clothing, so their cost is not too extravagant. The point is, classic styles are currently making a comeback. 

Keeping up with the men’s fashion trends is a simple thing to do, and it can help a lot. When men know what to expect from manufacturers, they can better sense when and what to buy. By knowing the current trends in 2020 (patchwork clothing, baggy items, classic styles, men’s bags, and more), men can make sure that they are finding the clothes that they want at the right time, or else that they are participating in a change that they like and support. Either way, trends are constantly changing, but those listed above are here to stay for the time being. 

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