Practical Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Unique Style for Men

Practical Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Unique Style for Men

Style is part of who we are. It is our signature. Most celebrities are known not just for their profession but equally for their fashion sense. It’s okay for you to desire to create the right style for men, the signature that speaks for you where words don’t. 

But it’s not just about wishing it. Instead, it’s about understanding how to create it. And even though you must have been hard-pressed to figure out a way of creating your own style for men and still find yourself without a clue, with practice, you can be able to create your unique style as a man and enjoy the thrill of having absolute control over how you look and represent yourself. 

Practical Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Unique Style for Men

So how about we go through some of the basics that you expect to know before achieving this? 

Let us begin with “Who Are You? “

Yeah, that’s the question we all forget to ask. Who are we? What’s our personality? When we become aware of who we are, having the right style for men that reflects us becomes easy to achieve. 

Let us say:

You are decent, a gentleman who enjoys looking responsible and intact. 

It would help if you didn’t have anything else in your wardrobe aside from suits, shirts, a bunch of ties, and dress shoes. 

This is because of who we are. Our lifestyle is the basics for creating our own men’s style. 

Keep Your Profession In Mind

Remember that what you do is also another significant thing to bear in mind in your quest to create a style for yourself. 

Are you a commercial worker? Banker, Lawyer? Do you operate in an office behind a desk, in front of a monitor, and stacks of files? Then we both know that suits should take the majority in your wardrobe. 

Yeah! You don’t need to have the right job to create the right style for men. You only need to know your job, know your personality, and look for ways to create something unique from the outfits they allow you to wear. Be creative. 

Are you into Construction, Engineering, and other outdoor professions? 

Having a wardrobe filled with suits would be like a man who packs for cold on a summer vacation. 

Instead, your choice of wardrobes should come with the likes of denim jeans and jackets, suede shoes, jeans and jackets, simple button-down shirts and T-shirts, Turtleneck shirts, and sneakers. 

Dress With Your Body Type

You can walk into a room filled with different people with the same personalities and still spot the difference in their outfits. 

Why is this? Their body type defines what they wear or how they wear their outfits. 

Two people in suits can reflect two different signatures. 

There are six basic male body types, as shown in the photo above. 

1. The Oval

2. The Circle 

3. The Square 

4. The Square Rectangle

5. The Triangle

6. Triangle (Invert Triangle) 

If you take a good look at the illustrations in the picture, you will notice that these male body types can never wear the same outfit and walk out of the boutique looking the same. It’s not possible. 

The Triangle guy knocks off a two-button down skinny suit jacket better than the Square guy because of his thin waist and broader shoulder. 

With this in mind, you will always select the best wardrobe. You need to know when and how to tailor it to fit when it’s needed. 

Dress With The Weather 

The weather is an essential factor you should put in mind when creating a unique style for men. 

Say you live in an area with a high amount of rainfall annually. You can’t go about wearing silk or cotton fabric button-down shirts in the middle of a day with possibilities of rainfall. 

Cotton fabrics are suited for warm weather. Heavier wools or suede jackets are required for colder climates, while leather jackets, sweatshirts, and better rain options. 

Choose your outfit with the climate conditions you are exposed to the most.

Does this mean you can’t be stylish? No!

For example, Alain Delon of Le Samourai, where he played as the main character, is an impeccably dressed hitman stalking Paris’s rainy streets. The two elements that kept the character looking stylish throughout the film are a perfectly fitting trench coat and a quality hat – a great example of looking incredibly stylish despite the wet weather. 

Get Inspired By An Icon

It’s okay to emulate the dress sense of an icon you admire. Models, Actors, Public Figures, etc., pick clues from them and try to find common denominators in their lives and yours.

Do you share a similar build? Then adopt the cut of their clothes. Are they politically minded? Adopt the colors they wear.

But try not to go overboard and copy everything. Try to retain a signature that belongs to you alone. 

Be original. 

Pick The Right Colors 

While you take clues from your icons, try not to copy the colors they use until you know how they match your hair color, skin complexion, and eyes. 

Am I for real? Yeah! As real as Thanos with his infinity stones!

You don’t want to combine the wrong color with yours. What looks good on your icon might not necessarily look good on you. 

The trick is to know how to format the clues you get from them into something unique and original. 

One look at you, people should be able to know your signature. They should know you for your style for men.

Have Just The Right Accessories  

Accessories such as watches, jewelry pieces, and shades are essentials you need to mark your signature. 

You have to be selective, most especially with wristwatches, about how they reflect your lifestyle and job. Having just the right accessory to match a particular outfit’s choice is equally crucial as having just the right shoes to complement them. 

With more than a handful of useful ideas about creating your signature out there, I hope these selective basics of choosing the right style for men will help you to create something unique and personal for yourself. 

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