Color Matching Style for Men: What You Need to Know

Color Matching Style for Men: What You Need to Know

Colors! This one word was formerly perceived as feminine. But today, with the fast-paced growth of fashion, it is safe to say otherwise that it is also a style for men. 

Nowadays, men rock bold and brightly colored attires and still look classy. Moreso, colors are meant to command attention and make the wearer stand out. A complementing color enhances your style and is a great way to make a fashion statement. 

Color Matching Style for Men: What You Need to Know

So who says the male folks don’t need a little bit of this? 

Sadly, a lot of males find color matching a huge chore they’d rather avoid. Thankfully, matching colors can be less of a chore once you’ve mastered how certain shades contrast and complement each other. 

As a fashion brand dedicated to providing unique fashion tips for the elegant style for men, we have guided this article to help you color match your outfit effortlessly. 

The first guide is: Know your colors!

If you’re worried that we’re going to take you through the color wheel again, then you can relax because we won’t. While the color wheel is excellent, most people find it hard to refer to a circle of endless colors frequently. So let’s save you the stress and make things a lot easier. 

There are two types of shades for matching colors. 

  1. Complementing Colors
  2. Contrasting Colors

Complementing colors tone down the shades while contrasting colors tend to stand in stark difference. The key is understanding color hues. 

As an example of a style for men, you can match a dark pair of navy jeans with a lighter orange or red shirt. When you make one piece of colored clothing a darker shade than its complementary piece, you’ll create contrast. 

We have three primary colors — red, yellow, and blue, and they all have a corresponding complementary color.

  • Red – Green
  • Blue – Orange
  • Yellow – Purple

Remember to tone down the shades of whatever complementing color you choose. If you’re donning a yellow, you’d want to go for a darker shade of a complementing color like purple. And if you want to contrast it, it comes out even better. A gray or ash pants would be a great combination. 

The second guide is: Complement your Features.

Your physical features, such as skin tone, hair color, and eye color, can impact how well your outfit suits you. 

Excessive use of bright colors as a style for men with high contrast skin tones only makes you a walking rainbow. Also, darker shades of colors on low contrast skin tones only produce a dull appearance. 

So, the trick is going for colors that enhance your features, not block them.

Rather than trying to match your shirt and pants with your skin tones or special features, try to match them with complementing or contrasting colors in light of dark shades depending on your skin tone. 

As a style for men, a pair of black pants on a lemon-colored shirt for a light-skinned male will serve to tone down the bright lemon color, while a pair of red pants on a white shirt for a dark-skinned male will serve to glow him up. 

Now, here’s another final essential guide: Match shoes and belts with the outfit.

Unfortunately, this guide tends to be the most ignored, making it one of the top fashion mistakes most men make.

Yes, choosing the right color of shoes for your outfit is as crucial as getting the right outfit itself. Your shoes and belts should complement each other. 

If you’re putting on a brown shoe as style for men, it is ideal to go for a brown leather belt. Of course, the idea of matching shoes with belts does not mean that you have to buy so many belts. For all we know, most males have just 2- 3 belts at home. 

So what do we mean?

Gray, dark brown, or tan colors of shoes can match with black or monochromatic colors because the contrast will always be less noticeable. 

Learning to match colors can be daunting yet fun. We hope you can boost your confidence and experiment with the tips we’ve provided. As a bonus, our team at Manners for Him has provided more exclusive style for men tips to guide you as you make great efforts to achieve your elegance as a male!

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