Which Style for Men is Effective in Dressing for a Date

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It’s been proven multiple times that one of the very first impressions a man can pull off on a woman is with his looks. No matter the differences between ages and personality, you can bet that “almost” every woman is affected by style for men, and by style, I mean wardrobe.

Which Style for Men is Effective in Dressing for a Date

It’s equally valid that your facial look plays its path too, but the reason why we establish our claim on your fashion is that women easily judge a man’s traits only by what they learn from his choice of clothes. 

Which means you could pass as a playboy, or you could look like a man aware of his choices. I bet you want that style for men, right? 

The thing is, many men find it difficult dressing up for dates on their own. It’s natural, so don’t feel bad if you are one of them. 

Through this post, you will be able to know how to dress for your date.

So what are these tips you need to bear in mind? 

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Be Original 
  3. Retain the Masculinity 

Keep It Simple

You are not thinking of wearing a suit, are you? Of course, you could if the venue begs it, but if not? Stick to something clean and straightforward. 

Start with a simple button-down shirt, no short sleeve. Even if you don’t like to keep your sleeves down, roll it up but not further than your elbow. It gives off a masculine look, and you will need to win over a girl. 

Ensure it’s a slim (never skinny) shirt to enhance your physique, sitting square on the shoulders and draping naturally down toward the hips, but not past the hips. You want to be able to flex your thigh when you move. 

With a style for men where you feel like going with a T-shirt, try wearing a simple jacket over it or wrap your neck with a muffler. Well, of course, it depends on the climate anyway. 

Don’t wear a muffler in the middle of a hot day or summer night. If it’s going to be chilly tonight? Then it’s only fair to use the occasion to spice up your looks. 

A nice pair of chino pants cut it for you or a pair of denim trouser fit jeans, straight cut but with enough room for your thigh. 

Seal it with a fair wristwatch. Try a thick leather strap wristwatch to keep time. 

The trick is not to overdress, yet at the same time not look too ordinary, strike a balance in the middle, and you are right. 

Be Original

This is the essential part of your date. Beyond the style for men you choose, keeping an original shine to your appearance is vital. 

In other words, be real, don’t get too flashy with colorful shirts or designers. Most men think that the more costly or flashy their clothes are, the easier it is for them to sway their women. 

This is far from the truth. A real woman is not looking for a gigolo. She is looking for a man with taste and the simplicity to compliment it. 

Remember you want to strike a good impression? You want to give her a reason for a second date or for things to go much faster than the first one? 

So keep it original. 


Yeah, I chose to bring the shoes up in this path because where your clothes is an important concept, your shoes should be your primary goal. 

Your shoe either takes away from or adds to your fashion, which is why you don’t want to look like a confused boy showing up to date well dressed in a shoe that barks “error” at him. 

A sneaker will dress down the formalities of separates or a shirt and trouser combination, while leather boots or a dress shoe — from monk to derby brogue — will lift the leisurely nature of a jean, t-shirt, and sweater outfit.

While picking your shoes, adhere to dress codes which are in part with the venue, then play the matching game with your trouser and shirt or your choice of jacket or T-shirt.

Try not to go on first dates with new shoes that might give you blisters. You don’t want to be limping on your date. 

Retain The Masculinity

If you’ve kept a fit body before now, then you don’t have a problem pulling off the Alpha Male look when you dress up. 

If not? Well, try to work out some trims often and stick to the dress sense. You will be fine. 

Your Hair

Women love neat hair. Please pay a visit to the barbershop and keep them clean and cut. Shampoo and wash, or dye them if you must. 

Your Cologne

Women love a wonderful manly smell, so opt for a modern and suitably unique cologne that will create interest but not assault the nose.

It’s easy for two people to bond quickly with each other simply because they love how they smell. Your scent determines how comfortable anyone is around you, especially women. So pick an excellent manly cologne. 

Your Face

Did we forget your face? No! we were saving it for last. You see, most men feel that they need to show up on dates cleaned and fresh like a puppy just out of the washroom, but most women are drawn towards men with a little stubble on their face. 

So don’t be afraid to walk into that room with a few days old stubbles, you the Alpha, alright. Always choose the right style for men.

If you are the bearded guy? Keep it trimmed but not too edgy, remember you are trying to appear like the man who is always inclined to break the rules and still retain some decency. So oil it up, comb and pat, you are set. 

And don’t forget that a good sunshade or transparent glasses could make a lot of difference to your looks and go for what looks best on you. I hope this helps you on your date. Select only the best style for men and don’t forget to have fun!

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