mannersforhim The 5 Most Common Men’s Style Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The 5 Most Common Men’s Style Mistakes You Need to Avoid

No doubt, fashion is diverse and exponential. While many believe that fashion is mostly female-dominated, the male folk have carved their fashion versions for themselves, highlighting fashion and clothes’ versatility. Men’s style is personal, but it is still generally believed to reflect one’s persona. In other words, your style says monumental things about you. This is the reason why it should be refreshingly creative and admirable. 

Many men are unbothered about their style or fashion choices. This shouldn’t be so, however, because looking good is a profitable business for all. Irrespective of your career field, it’s always pertinent to look great because your looks shape others’ perceptions about your image. Research-based data has also discovered that those who generally look good are more likely to succeed at work and relationships. So you see why you need to look good and downplay your fashion mistakes? It’s crucial to your overall success!

The 5 Most Common Men's Style Mistakes You Need to Avoid

This article would highlight five mistakes that are common in men’s style.

Sit back, relax, and learn all about all the tips and suggestions that would make you a pro at dressing good and looking like a million bucks.

Untucked Shirts

Your mother used to scream this in your ears as a boy. And we hate the sound like her, but you must learn not to leave your shirts out! Dress shirts are designed with all that extra length precisely for one purpose – that they don’t come untucked. Casual shirts have shorter hems because they are meant to be worn over your pants. The dress shirt, like men’s style, is directly opposite. When you leave a dress shirt out, your body proportion is disfigured, and it makes you look sloppy, informal, and downright unprofessional. If it was tucked in before and you bring it out after, it would look wrinkled and unattractive. I understand you may not like the formality of a tucked button-down shirt; let’s face it, none of us do. That’s why you can quickly go for a shorter casual cut shirt. However, if you are wearing suit pants, please keep that shirt tucked in.

Baggy Clothes

Loads of men love to wear baggy clothes or large and wide clothing. It’s not cool or trendy, just in case you think it is. While we do not recommend wearing tight and discomfiting as men’s style, we appeal to you to wear clothes tailored perfectly to your body size. Baggy clothes make you look sloppy, fatter, stumpier, and frumpier. It’s just not a right and desirable look. And believe me, it’s not going to say the best about your image when you look frumpy. For instance, for a dress shirt, make sure that there isn’t excessive fabric billowing about your torso, and your shoulder seams hit the edge of your shoulder. These days, there are tons of clothing options available everywhere that satisfy all men’s body needs. So you don’t have any excuses to wear baggy or ill-fitting clothing, please. Stop making that mistake. Your clothes should be comfortable and give you the freedom to move around quickly. It’s great to find an excellent clothing piece for your body that suits your body needs perfectly. However, when this isn’t the case, adjust your clothes.

White Socks

We have seen countless cases of images of gym socks with jeans or suits. One descriptive word? It’s horrifying. White socks belong in the world of sports. The contrast between white socks and jeans or a corporate suit(mostly when it sticks out) should make you realize how grossly mismatched they are. When it comes to bodybuilding, tennis, soccer, football, running, or skateboarding, white socks are perfect.

For work or a casual hangout with friends in t-shirts and jeans, however, they look tacky. And this is one common mistake men make worldwide. See the lights, gentlemen, and come forth into it. Now no one is saying you shouldn’t wear socks, far from it. For your corporate look, go with a dark pair of socks. For casual wear, go with socks hidden inside your sneakers. White socks look cheap and get dingy. If you aren’t breaking out a sweat in the sports universe, don’t break out the white socks from your drawers.

Don’t Over button!

On a sunny or winter day towards the end of the nineteenth century, King Edward VII of England was too overweight to button up his last button, thereby unleashing a new fashion trend on the world that hasn’t gone obsolete or diminished in centuries. Shout out to King Edward. We are grateful for the fashion hack and have kept it as holy as the Sabbath. Except for a few recalcitrant gentlemen, of course. And if you are part of them, please understand you aren’t abiding with tradition or the long-standing etiquette of man’s fashion. You’re also stifling your comfort and your movement. Now I know you believe that all buttons must always be buttoned. After all, that is their primary purpose. So why was a button kept there if it isn’t meant to be buttoned?

Well, remember that you won’t always have the answers in life, and some mysteries are better left to be just what they are – a mystery.

Be Sacrosanct With The Tie

Ties are a permanent fixture in the corporate world. Always have, and always will be. If you are working in a corporate world or try to make an excellent first impression, you must understand how the ideal tie should look. Many men are always concerned about the look of their tie, which is understandable because ties draw attention too. Take time out to knot your ties properly in order not to look amateurish and disorganized. If you get tired of trying to tie and retie, remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Also, remember that the tip of your tie should rest between the top and bottom of your belt buckle. This is the right men’s style! If the tie’s end is too short or long, it causes visual damage to your body proportion. Your tie shouldn’t also be too broad because that’s so 1998. The widely accepted width is 2.25 inches to 3.25 inches. However, this isn’t a one size fits all approach. Consider your body size and lapel width. The goal is to look excellent and professional in your tie.

These five tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to gain from our ebook titled: Twenty Five Mistakes of Style for Men.

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