mannersforhim The Most Attractive Underwear for Men – REVEALED!

The Most Attractive Underwear for Men – REVEALED!

Each man can have his touch, which shows his personality and personal taste. However, an essential piece of clothing used by all men is underwear.

Despite being a widely used garment, underwear has diversified styles nowadays and, not only in prints but also in the way it is made.

Today, we have many types of underwear to choose from. What can be hard in a certain way, but if you still don’t have that style that you like the most, our advice is to test, test, and test until you find it.

Do you know what color suits you best? And, better than that, what the colors and prints have to say about your personality? No? We will tell you.

The choice of which to wear is essential, not only for your style but for the most exceptional comfort as well.

The Most Attractive Underwear for Men – REVEALED!

Fashion comes and goes from time to time, and our choices of models and trends change at the same pace. One thing is a fact: what you choose to wear reflects your personality and what you want to say to the ones around you. Have you ever thought that this also applies to underwear? Yes, it does!

Everyone has their characteristics, different lifestyles, and unconsciously; this is a significant influence in the time to choose their underwear. Today we will talk about what colors and prints have to do with the men’s personality and what are the considerations of the female team about it. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Colors and Prints

To start, the choice of colors is something very personal. Each man has his taste and will look at the pieces differently, and it is precisely this decision that shows the individual’s personality. Can you imagine if all of us decide to use black? How boring.  Some prefer colors called neutral, others go for the bright ones, and we also have those that don’t care.

Black and White

They are preferred by men, as they are kind of the right choice for every situation. It is hard to go wrong with those. They are known as neutral colors because they look good with any skin tone and match most garments.

White underpants were the only ones present in advertising campaigns in the past. Today they represent self-confidence and boldness for the men who knows what he wants in life and go for it. Those who have very light skin tones should be careful with the black hues. They could make your skin look even whiter. Dark skin tones should be cautious with black for the same motive. Our advice: try the opposite!

The black fabrics match those who are irreverent and have that rebellious spirit while seeking discretion. Shades of gray and dark blue also fit this profile and are excellent choices, and you can’t go wrong.

Vibrant Tones

Another popular option is red, which is also the victim of a lot of controversies. It looks great on dark men with lighter skin. They refer to sensuality and are excellent choices for those who know what they want and recognize their own space in the relationship field.

Printed Fabrics

Prints are for men of attitude, who assert themselves and want to make a statement and their presence unmistakable, but they must be meticulous. Vivid and striking prints can give the individual a child-like look (choose your designs carefully, or your credibility with your partner can be lost!). Neutral colors with stripes in closer tones, black with gray details, and even military-style camouflages can also accentuate masculinity when selected with great care.

In addition to the aesthetic issue, pay attention to the fabric. The material of the underwear and the way that the piece is manufactured means a lot. You will know how valuable this advice is when you use one that is not well made. Believe me. It makes a huge difference.

Cotton with elastane is our recommendation. It maintains the lightness of the natural fiber, and the synthetic part guarantees the elasticity.

Manners for Him has an excellent selection of underwear to all tastes and styles. Check it out below:

If you think that women don’t care about the underwear you are using, you are very wrong. They not only notice but tell their friends and go around interpreting your personality based on that tiny piece of clothing that you often buy at the supermarket along with cans of beer, olives, and toothpaste. Are you surprise? Well, you shouldn’t. Did you ever check the lingerie drawer of women? All the underwear is separated into pieces to use at the house, day-by-day use, and attack to kill situations. After that, they are classified by colors and styles. So, unfortunately, these details don’t escape them anymore.

The Website Victoria Milan – a dating site for married and committed people who intend to have an affair – decided to survey with the ladies to reveal what kind of men’s underwear they prefer.

The website interviewed 4,132 women, and the results show that men need to invest more in underwear to get women’s attention in intimate moments. To give you an idea, three out of four respondents said that the male piece that a man chooses is crucial to them – however, just over half of women (55%) say they notice their husband’s underwear choice, while 94% examines what her lover chooses to wear.

Take a close look at the comments: They said that the white hip brief underwear is the equivalent of a women’s beige panties. It may be comfortable, but it indicates little interest in looking attractive. Please write down this one!

The white brief, so, called basic style, is a lower profile one. It is for that guy that doesn’t like to take a chance, he doesn’t want to show up, and sometimes he gets a little too accommodated. He prefers comfort over style and has a specific resistance to changes. Usually, men who use this traditional model, also known as hip brief, because of the height of the waist, are older. You can find a lot of young people use to buy this kind of underwear as well. Most of the time, they are used to it and don’t want to give another style a try. It’s a type of underwear that usually fits well and is super comfortable.

Even coming in different versions of cotton, you can find them in very neutral colors, something made not to call much attention. One of the women interviewed said that when she sees a young guy using this style, she always asks if it was his Mom who bought it. The older men sometimes come up with something different, brighter colors, for example. That is it, if this is your case, give it a try but buy your underwear yourself!

The Black brief underwear please the comfort that every man is looking for and shows a less “lazy” look. A man that uses it is a little more conscious when choosing and using his underwear. Observe that just a difference in color can changes the entire perception of things.

The women say that the boxer underwear is made to sleep and is more often used by that guy married for years or doesn’t care about his appearance. Really? Well, this is what the survey said.


A man that uses a Boxer style underwear carries his charm in an old fashion way, and he certainly doesn’t lack personality. Oh yes, he cares about style, but do not usually follow trends and feel comfortable with his own body, even if he has a little belly. Anyone who prefers this underwear model knows that even plain ones have their charm, but some like colorful and printed ones to make their presence unforgettable.

They are good options for lean and those with a protruding belly, making a transition between the volume of the upper and lower body if the elastic is not too tight. As for comfort, there are controversies: Many men are very used to the freedom they provide. However, some complain that they get tangled under their pants. It would help if you gave it a try!comfort, there are controversies: Many men are very used to the freedom they provide. However, some complain that they get tangled under their pants. You should give it a try!

The boxer brief received the unanimous vote from the ladies. They said that the piece is seductive and suitable for any occasion. Independently of the body form will dress well any men. It looks like we have a winner!

The men that use a Boxer Brief are not ashamed of his body; on the contrary, he likes to show his physique and be admired. Full of style, don’t give up comfort, and if it comes with an exciting design, even better. Seductive, he is a first-class conqueror, but you also know how to make that blasé look whenever it is necessary.

Our piece of advice here is: be careful to don’t overdo its use, passing on a superficial and too narcissistic image. The models’ favorite underwear is in the black version. Discreet values ​​the healed bodies, and the ladies love it. Most young men love it too. Some still like to show the elastic with the underwear brand out there, despite this attitude being considered cheesy by those who understand the high and lows of fashion. This obsession with brands was imported from rappers, along with chains and diamond earrings in both ears.  If you don’t plan on rhyming around, change your boxer model as soon as possible!

The female team approves the Jockstraps and Strings just in stripers, which can be translated for that night where your partner decides to make a special appearance with them. They also think that it looks very uncomfortable to use daily. What do you think?

If you love Jockstraps and Strings, either you are still lost in the 70s, or you like that exotic touch in your wardrobe. But whoever uses the most modern types of underwear, such as those with skinny sides or even half nude thongs, does not care what others think.

With a strong personality, these men impose his will and, if his partner disagrees, he will find another one. Fashionistas do not usually look at these models with kind eyes, but who cares about these things, do you? So, use and enjoy it. Mainly because, regardless of the preferred style, the important thing is to be yourself showing your butt or not.

Wrapping up

I strongly advise that you don’t put much thought into what other people want you to use. Your style should match your personality first and please other people later.

When we talk underwear for men, the thing is not different. If a new survey comes out and the ladies say that the most attractive undies for men are a hot pink thong. I am sure that most of you won’t go for it. But still, underwear is just one piece of the menswear puzzle.

The good news is that box briefs happen to be both: the style of underwear that you’ll enjoy the most and the one that the ladies want to see on you. So, now that you know a lot about underwear and personalities, which one is you? We want to know.

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