mannersforhim Ties for Men: The Barack Obama Guide

Ties for Men: The Barack Obama Guide

President Barack Obama is considered the best-dressed president of all the times. He exhibits style in a way that many presidents simply have not and managed to be a leader and still be considered suave and cool. Today we will show you some valuable and practical tips on how to wear ties for men in a president style and stand out from the crowd with proper coordination between ties and other pieces. Obama is “the man” when we talk about ties for men, using it with confidence and always matching the colors. Come with me!

We rarely had the opportunity to see Obama using a slim tie, but the item has become a must-have in the men’s wardrobe due to its versatility. And, of course, the fashion icon president adopted it!

Ties for Men - The Barrack Obama Guide

In fact, we can’t deny it; they have always been an indispensable accessory since ancient times. It’s hard to imagine a man who doesn’t have at least one in his closet.

Nowadays, a crescent number of men have opted for pieces adjusted to the body, to favor their best attributes, and a good fit for it is the slim ties for men. An item that must be abandoned is the super-wide pieces of suit. They are over!

Thanks to this new wave of adjusted suits, ties for men also have been modernized, leaving gradually behind the traditional full, printed model that does not fit the reality of the modern man.

About 10 years ago, the standard tie size was 3.4 to 3.7 inches; now, you can find them up to 1.5 inches in size, slim is the way to go.

The slim tie is excellent because it has a versatility that the larger size does not. It can, for example, be used with multiple types of looks and in everyday events, day and nighttime. Special attention must be made to match it well, keeping an eye on the colors of your outfit.

At first, it is possible to say that it matches very well jeans, waistcoat, blazer, printed shirt, and suitable for every gentleman who wishes to be recognized and become a reference for his excellent taste and style, like our former president.

In the top picture, he uses a slim polka dot necktie in blue, matching a blue suit and a plain shirt. Just perfect! Don’t worry, you will understand it later.

Ties for Men: Colors and Prints: How to Balance It?

Barack Obama, during the two terms in the office, demonstrated an excellent taste in colors and prints of its neckties. From colorful and plain ones to stripes and dots, he nailed on every occasion. It is yes for you, Mr. President.

It is imperative to take care of the colors that you will choose for your ties, as they will guide what will be transmitted with your look. For formal events, look for warm tones like brown and gold; for the day to day, pink and red are excellent choices, allowing a more significant highlight.

The cool colors – gray, brown, dark blue, and black – are among the most used precisely because they are very flexible, combining with the different types of looks that you put together. Now, if you are in doubt about which color to choose, you can always prioritize the basics, like black tie and white shirt that allows you to wear any type of necktie (a printed one, a bow tie, dark or light tones) with almost zero space for mistakes. This combination reflects an elegant and classic posture, making anyone more classic.

Just remember that if the shirt is of any different color than white, the tone of the tie must be within the same color family. You will learn about color families later. Nowadays, it is possible to choose ties for men that are black, red, with diagonal stripes or polka dots. The choices are limitless. There is a wide variety of prints that can be explored, and that guarantee many elegant and sophisticated combinations.

To choose the ideal pattern, always consider the occasion you are going to use it. For example, is it a formal place? Then bet on micro-prints that have medium or small designs or stripes without many details. This will create a more refined look!

Always keep in mind that it is crucial to take care of the tone and proportion of the prints, so you don’t overdo it. If you choose a shirt with large prints, the tie should have small designs, and vice versa. Just to guarantee a more harmonious combination and fewer errors!

Ties for Men: The Perfect Length

Our former president here seems to have chosen the ideal length (touching the belt’s buckle kind of ideal) of his necktie. The colors are matching, the knot has the correct size and the print is just perfect for the occasion. He did again, didn’t he? Yes, sir!

Use a necktie can sometimes be very uncomfortable for the ones that are not used to it. If you are one of those cases, don’t feel bad, this happens with every and each one of us (I bet that even the president, one day had his own struggles with a necktie).

So, a rule that must always be followed by men who wear formal attire is the length of the tie. Regardless of the man’s height, the necktie should end at the beginning of the belt buckle (from top to bottom). It should never be too short (above the buckle) or too long (below it)!

The length can always be regulated by the leftover at the other end of the tie when you are doing the knot, pay attention because some types of knots can use more fabric than others. But everyone has their own style, fashion is a matter of personal taste and not what others think. Look for something you like and feel comfortable using it.

The former president appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016 using a combination of blue look that left the fashionistas holding their jaws. With a light blue plain shirt, matching perfectly a dark blue mini polka dot necktie, matching a blue suit. Lavishing elegance, he didn’t disappoint his fashion fans. A perfect example of a classy look to fit a day at work or a night out. Well done, Mr. Barack Obama, well done.

For you to discover Obama’s secret, learn how to combine a shirt and tie is essential. To dress well, and according to the current trend, there are crucial pieces to present ourselves with elegance on the several occasions of our social and professional life.

At first, it may even seem difficult, especially if you don’t have a wardrobe with many options. But following some useful tips, you will see that there is not so much mystery in it and you can choose your shirt and tie with more confidence.

In addition to the shirt, it is also essential to think about the suit you are going to wear. For that, the main point of attention is the colors.

If the suit is of sober and has discreet shades, like dark blue or black, you can abuse a little in the colors of the tie, even using those with more open and striking nuances.

However, if the suit is of more neutral colors, such as beige or light gray, the tie should not be too flashy in a risk to generate an unbalanced combination.

Just keep in mind that when wearing a printed shirt, the tie should be smooth, and the same way in vice versa.

During heavy winters, it is vital to add some extra cover to your style. At this moment, long coats, jackets, and sweaters should enter the scene. To match the heavy tone of the cold weather clothes, Mr. Obama here reveals a beautiful textured dark grey tie, that, of course, is matching the entire outfit. His winter version of a trendy president, as expected, doesn’t let us down.

In addition to overlapping tones and prints with ties for men, it is possible to compose texture overlays as well. You can mix and match different fabrics in the same outfit as jacquard and knitting ties, for example. Nothing more classy than a tweed suit with a textured tie in the winter, just one rule: never, but never use a shine tie with a heavy winter suit, coat, or jacket, actually, except if you are going to an opera night and needs to use a black-tie, you are prohibited from using shine ties. Ahhh, and please don’t forget the old balance of things rule!

Barack Obama knows how to balance colors like a pro and this we already know, but after all the information here, you should be asking yourself: – Does exist a rule that can be simpler to understand? Ohh, yes, we will explain it all to you.

You would be using the colors of the color wheel daily like the obvious ones here. So, when you choose a piece that matches the primary colors, the second piece should belong to the secondary group of colors (it will be useful if you could pick the most similar ones, like orange with orange-yellow, for example).

Now, you can also try to use the color wheel using the tertiary or complementary colors as well. Choosing any two colors that are placed directly opposite each other.

Simple, right? Now, just print them out and tape it in your wardrobe’s door; this way, you can consult it until you memorize the details. It is not hard, go for it!

Mr. Obama probably will be remembered for many presidential accomplishments as a leader of our country during two terms, but I am sure that his, today legendary, sense of fashion and style, especially for ties for men, will be unforgettable. Like many presidents before him, Obama was no stranger to navy suits and dad-swag getups, but unquestionably his style made him one of – if not THE – most fashion-forward person ever to walk in the halls of the White House. Mission accomplished, Mr. President!

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