mannersforhim Top 10 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

Top 10 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

When you hear the term men’s wardrobe “essentials,” what comes to your mind? No doubt, you think of necessary items such as clothes, shoes, or even accessories that complement your style. You’re not far from the truth.

Wardrobe essentials are substantive and of high importance. They include all the components of your outfit. This means they are “must-haves” that every male should have in his closet.

Top 10 Men's Wardrobe Essentials Checklist - Manners

Fashion trends are fleeting, and it changes according to seasons, but your essentials remain constant. Though these essentials may vary from people to place, you do not need to worry as the functions remain the same. What you need to focus on is how to choose a style that suits your taste.

Your wardrobe essentials can range from being simple to exotic, depending on the functions they perform. From wearing a worn-out casual pair of jeans on tees to a button-down shirt tucked in well-pressed slacks or an Armani suit, your style must be unique and complimenting.

If you find it a bit of a hassle to choose your outfits or you’re wondering what to include in your list of essentials, keep reading! This article includes a list of men’s wardrobe essentials that will help you bring your outfits together without worrying so much. 

1. Shoes

Everyone needs a decent pair of shoes. In fact, you’re never fully dressed without your shoes. You have unlimited options because they come in varieties of sizes and designs. There are dress shoes, boots, sneakers, loafers and many more. Whatever shoes you choose to wear should fit the function and occasion. Your shoes should also fit your choice of outfit.

2. Suit

No man wants to wear a pair of jeans to a formal dinner or gathering. You definitely want to look professional and make a long-lasting impression. Wearing a suit is the best choice. This is because a suit is a formal jacket and pants made from the same or different materials. Interestingly, you get to choose what brand or style you like best. Most men prefer suits because it exudes masculine prominence and releases a strong aura. A good suit should not hug you; instead, it should skim over your body. Your suit doesn’t have to be overly expensive or flashy. It can be simple yet unique – your demeanor will supplement any deficiency.

3. Shirts

Fitted shirts can emphasize your body physique. They are easier to tuck in and are neat when left out. If you are a suit lover, white collared shirts or shirts in shades of red and blue are preferable. If you prefer the country-boy look, a neutral-colored button-down shirt matched with any shade of pants will be the perfect outfit. Also, most of these shirts have sleeves with button tabs on them to hold them in place when rolled up. You can do this at whatever time you want and wherever you are to flex your biceps.

4. T-shirts or Tees

T-shirts are one of the most common items in a men’s wardrobe. You don’t have to look prim and proper at all times. Sometimes you could decide to give off some bad boy vibes. And Tees can help you do just that. 

But first, you have to buy the right size because they can’t be tailored. Tees are essential for your wardrobe because you can’t wear a suit all day. You can’t go on a casual date, attend parties, go for a stroll, or even walk your dog around the park looking so professional. So, in order to blend in, t-shirts are of great importance. Always remember to buy quality tees and team them up with any trousers of your choice.

5. Pants

Whether it’s slacks or skinny jeans, this is what every guy “must-have.” You can get these at reasonable prices and in different designs. They can be adjusted to suit your taste. Dress pants can be worn with the formal jacket while denim pants or chinos shorts can be worn for casual or everyday activities. Avoid wearing excessively tight-fitting pants because they make you uncomfortable. A good dress pant, denim, or slack should fit comfortably close to the leg without billowing.

6. Sweater and Jacket

On cold rainy days, a sweater or jacket can do the trick of keeping you warm and comfortable. You may opt for neutral colored ones such as a cashmere sweater, flannel, or tweed colored jacket, which is perfect for both formal and casual attire. A black leather jacket teamed with blue jeans can give a different set of aura you never knew was possible. 

7. Neck Tie

Male fashion revolves around neckties. Stylish men wear stylish ties. But, your neckties should not lack the needs of being basic, versatile, and dependable. Necktie comes in different shapes and designs, and as such, choosing proper designs cannot be over-exaggerated. Whatever attire you don for regular office work or for formal appearances, never underestimate the luster your necktie adds to complement your outfit.

8. Belts

We live in an era where belts have graduated into an essential accessory for all men. Your belt not only holds your trouser firmly in place, but it makes your overall appearance look perfect. So, why not buy a quality belt that emphasizes your style? You have many options to choose from, as some come in different shades of blue, brown, or black and are made from different materials. You are guaranteed to have a perfect match when you eventually take your pick.

9. Wristwatch

This is a unique signature accessory for men. Your watch functions more than just a simple timekeeper. It is a work of art. Exotic and designer wristwatches make you look sophisticated and boost your prestige. And if they’re from famous brands such as Ulysse Nardin, Bell & Ross, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, DKNY, or Louis Moinet, then you have an antique right on your wrists. However, if simple designs are more appealing to you, do not feel pressured into expensive brands. A great timepiece isn’t necessarily by brand name or label. 

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have cemented their value as men’s wardrobe essential. Not only do they provide additional style to your outfit, but it is a safety gear offering protection to your eyes. It blocks out dangerous UV rays that can damage your eyes. You need not worry. Its function remains constant regardless of seasonal changes. So this fashion icon offers both protection and style.

Amazing right? Yes, with a lot of trending styles today, ensure you get the right ones for your face. Not all sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. Make sure to inspect the label first before you purchase a new pair. Go on! Get one! Your appearance will surely be slick and cool.

Don’t hold back on trying out new fashion trends. Who knows, it might graduate to become a prized men’s wardrobe essential.

Now you know a few basic wardrobe essentials, how do you know if you’re using them correctly?

Well, that’s why we’ve specially prepared a handbook to guide you when you decide to rock any fashion of your choice. Our e-book “25 Mistakes of Style” is now available for download. 

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