mannersforhim Top 3 Men’s Fashion Brands You Can Consider

Top 3 Men’s Fashion Brands You Can Consider

Men’s fashion is a billion-dollar industry that most people don’t consider. The not-so-secret reality it, men need clothes too! More and more, men’s fashion is becoming recognized and transformed, and as many companies have started to work with the ideal men’s clothing standard, men need to know what their options are. 

Many quality brands provide standard men’s clothing choices while also selling less traditional clothing items. More than ever before, men are encouraged to change their wardrobes, and the common idea of what a man should dress like is rapidly changing. For those who are wondering what the best brands for men to shop at are, three are undeniably timeless and also pushing the envelope. 

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is perhaps the store and brand that pushed the boundaries most while still maintaining its classic aesthetic. After all, the store is home to their (obviously) classic polo that is a staple of men’s fashion. Polos are common in the typical male wardrobe, and Ralph Lauren makes the best. Their khakis and sweaters, too, are of the highest quality and most traditional style. 

Ralph Lauren built a brand that was initially meant to provide well-built clothing that can appeal to all men, especially those looking for a more familiar experience, while also pushing the envelope. Indeed, while Ralph Lauren makes clothing that is supposed to appeal to a large group of people, they also create less traditional clothes that men are, more and more, taking advantage of. 

Ralph Lauren has also become a haven for less common clothes. They embrace color and new materials, playing with fit and style. They nearly always sell their classic items, which have not changed in years, while also providing things that are of a newer style. Their oxford shirts, for example, are offered in the same classic fit that they have always been sold in, but their sweatshirts and sweatpants are continually changing as they introduce new materials and styles.

In truth, however, of the common men’s clothing brands, Ralph Lauren provides high-quality clothing that is, for the most part, traditional. For men looking to add some new items to their wardrobes that aren’t too uncommon, Ralph Lauren is the place to go. It isn’t easy to find such nice clothing at a better price than Ralph Lauren, and men should take advantage of the store’s inventory and pricing. 

Calvin Klein 

Calvin Klein was founded only one year after Ralph Lauren, but it represents an entirely different business model. Calvin Klein is for the most casual modern man. They don’t play with color as Ralph Lauren does, and as such, some people find their clothing a little bit repetitive. However, Calvin Klein does not brand their items as much. There are focused on comfort for a majority of their pieces. Their sweatpants, sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts are all mean for casual use, and they are often simple. Most times, their clothes are nothing more than a single color or a small script that reads ‘Calvin Klein.’ 

For these reasons, Calvin Klein is an excellent store for men’s fashion. It is a store for men looking to simplify their wardrobe or for men seeking clothes that are a little more modern. Calvin Klein also has some activewear, which is not a large focus of Ralph Lauren. The two stores are both great for men to shop at, but they each cater to two different kinds of men.


Nike is in a different league entirely. The Nike brand was founded about three years before Ralph Lauren, but they do not cater to an older crowd. Nike has established itself as a cutting-edge brand working on modern active clothing. Everything in Nike’s lineup is focused around being active. The materials they use are meant to keep people cool and comfortable while working and exercising, and they design their clothing with the same purposes in mind. 

Nike is famous for its shoes, which continue to men because of their precision and quality. Nike has a particular niche, but it shows how the modern man is evolving. Nike is a huge company, which is a testament to the fact that many men are now looking for a more practical and wearable wardrobe. For those men, Nike is, without a doubt, the brand to be shopping with. 

The traditional men’s style is still alive in many clothing stores today, the renowned brand, Ralph Lauren. These brands consistently deliver items that push the boundaries while also creating pieces that nod to the classic styles. Unlike Ralph Lauren, however, many of these similar brands are overpriced and uncommon. Ralph Lauren reasonably delivers products. 

But the basic idea of men’s fashion is changing, and other brands are catering to this new style. Calvin Klein is a more casual clothing experience, and Nike makes items for men living a more active lifestyle. As the basic idea of how men should dress changes, there are options for everyone to find the clothes they prefer, whether they be traditional, modern takes, causal, or comfortable. 

However, one thing is sure; men should not hesitate to shop that these clothing brands, which are all famous for a reason. They make items that cater to the male style, no matter what form that takes.

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