mannersforhim Wallets for Men: What You Need to Know and Consider

Wallets for Men: What You Need to Know and Consider

Every man needs a good set of accessories to look stylish. It is part of any guideline of the modern man when it comes to looking good on the tape. And one of the items that our hairy friends are missing the most, (and the shaved ones too) are wallets. Often seen only as a necessary tool to store documents and other vital things, few know that it can be a crucial element in the visual. Wallets for men add a good deal of class and elegance precisely because they are discreet. So, let’s show in detail how you can style your look through a variety of wallets, using a combination dose for different environments. Of course, you don’t need to have multiple ones for that, although it’s a good idea to have, at least more than one style and color, we’ll get there. Let’s start with the basics.

What defines wallets for men? The answer is easy, man. No, the definition is not just a tool for holding documents, money, and other essential items. Has a whole new world behind it, like the material, the size, the color of the wallet, its design. These are the features that will help you choose an excellent model to integrate your look perfectly.

Wallets for Men: What You Need to Know and Consider

Many men just look for the practical side of it, and it is not the right way to start. A wallet can complement your visual appeal and is much more than a piece to keep stuff.  A men’s wallet is a multiuse accessory that can give that special touch and change everything.

Choosing those wallets for men that match the way that you feel and look is the best way of showing that you care about your personal life at individual levels. Even if you are the only one looking at it, I am sure that people around you will notice sooner or later the detail and give you that little bit of additional respect that we love.

Here we are going to work some right combinations of wallets with your favorite clothes to rock that stylish wallet wherever you go literally.

Combining Wallets for Men with Other Accessories

As it is a practically mandatory item, the wallet can be used more interestingly if you combine it with other regular accessories in your collection. And if you don’t already use those other accessories, it’s a good time to start considering them.

A man who knows how to use these tools is right upfront when it comes to positively getting attention. Just take a look at how well you can use all these men’s accessories and match it with your style of the day. There are plenty of useful tips for integrating each piece, but remember, the secret is always the balance.

Here we go, let’s check some examples.

Rings – In general, your wallet needs to follow a different line with the rings. That means if your men’s rings are flashy and call a lot of attention, it will be best if you could look for a more modest wallet to generate that balance we talk about all the time. Now, if you have a more straightforward ring, as part of the whole outlook, it may be interesting to explore more flashy wallets (like the ones we loved when we were kids). After all, as it will appear less, you can believe that those moments will be remarkable.

Bracelets – Bracelets are actual wild when it comes to matching with an outfit, and with the wallet is no different. Be free to choose the wallet model you want to match the bracelets. The secret here is to make a more general combination with the other accessories since they relate equally with the whole body visual

Watches – If bracelets can be versatile in terms of their types and uses, we can’t say the same about watches. However, you don’t need a wallet that matches your watch, but the opposite. Choose the right model for your wallet, and always look stylish.

Belts – Belts are required to match well with wallets. They add a touch of classy and common sense when they have the same details, and further highlight that concern with the features we talked about earlier. A good belt with a wallet of the same texture or color can be accurate and draw a lot of attention in the right way.

Check the style we select for you on belts for men:

Pendant – It is something more challenging to combine, given the distance and the different uses between the accessories. The ideal is to seek a combination between the whole look since pendants and cords are a more personal manifestation of style than the necessary utility of the wallet.

Now, which wallets should you use for each moment? Now that we have seen the latent potential of wallets with other accessories, let’s pay attention to the essential styles for each type of outfit and lifestyle. Just remember that the goal here is to direct the look to your entire body, with one accessory complementing the other. This will make choosing wallets even more exciting because it is part of the set and not a separate tool.

As a reference, we will use beautiful styles of wallets for men from Manners for Him – one of the most recommended stores in the market when it comes to wallets for men and men accessories in general. But don’t worry, you will gradually understand what we are talking about.

But how can an outfit match a wallet? Just read on…

The Bearded Executive: They are guys who look for good outlooks even in those “more traditional” clothes from the business world, with suits, ties, dress shirts, etc. Here, by etiquette, you must follow a distinct pattern, so your reputation doesn’t change to Mr. Misfit. Therefore, the best choice for wallets for men is the one that follows the same pattern as your clothing. The Vintage Leather Black is a perfect suggestion for the Executive Style.

The Discreet Bearded: These are the young and experienced man who seeks for more simplicity in their clothes, even if they are within the fashion trends. Man of this type usually uses few accessories, discreet colors, and restrict themselves to one or two accessories maximum. Even those tend to have a more practical than visual function – such as belts and watches, for example. Therefore, choose wallets that exactly match these accessories like the suggested model below.

Practicality is the word that defines the bearded man of this type. They are always active, so their clothes need to keep up with this rhythm. They also want to always be in a stylish mood without that sloppy appearance due to the constant movement. In these cases, their men’s wallet needs to bring practicality, especially if they are lovers of the more intense or risky physical activities. The vintage PU Leather is the one we suggest to invest in. These are the bearded men who like to show that they are not afraid of daring, that seek men’s fashion trends and go further, and the same applies to other details, such as their hairstyle and their own beard. For these guys, our wallet option is Vintage Soft Cow Leather. Or whatever else – hairy men who challenge themselves with the visual are hardly attached to standards.

They are guys who like to show something different in the visual, but without so many extravagances. These do follow masculine tendencies, but they keep a good dose of personality, always looking for a theme that shows their characteristics even before they present themselves. A good wallet tip for these guys is the Vertical PU Leather Wallet, as it is sophisticated, complete, and out of the curve of the other models.

Now that you know what kind of wallet to buy, to have and match, let’s roll some extra tips in, so you can learn how to take care of it.

 It is not enough just to an anonymous, any men’s leather wallet. It is necessary to take good care and use them properly to guarantee their integrity in the long run. After all, men’s wallets are costly accessories like any other item. So, let’s be smart with it.

Don’t sit on your Wallet – And there’s no use saying no, man. Every minimalist guy who doesn’t use other accessories to store his wallet usually puts it in the back pocket of his pants or shorts. The result is that, in addition to running the risk of breaking cards and other vital items, you can dent the wallet a lot and thereby decrease its quality.

In these cases, it is best to choose a smaller model, which fits in other pockets or have specific places to store it. I assure you that it is not suitable for your back or visual to be “out of alignment” when sitting on top of your wallet if you know what I mean.

Do not expose too much – The secret of using a good men’s wallet is just not showing it all the time. I know you probably don’t do that, man, but it is good to seek maximum discretion, even for safety. And when storing at home, choose really safe places to maintain the quality longer of an accessory as essential as this one.

Keep your wallet well organized – Men’s wallets are still places where the mess can prevail in unbelievable ways. And this is not a good thing if you are looking to show that stylish beard with them. Therefore, clearly delimit the spaces available for each of the items, so that everything is in its proper places.

Men’s wallets can bring elegance and totally change your look, build your self-esteem, and confidence. If well-chosen and used can be that detail that makes an entire difference in your day by day life. You have a lot to gain from them, especially if you choose models of quality and fair price like the ones, we showed from Manners for Him.

Check the website to meet the entire collection, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive many more tips about the male universe.

See you inside!

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