mannersforhim Wrist Fashion for Men: Your Wrist Says a Lot!

Wrist Fashion for Men: Your Wrist Says a Lot!

What’s the first thing you notice about someone? Their height, the color of their eyes, or their wrist fashion? Either way, you’re in for a little surprise. A famous philosopher and poet once said, “sometimes in life, it’s the little things that matter the most.” Yes, the little things like your wrists and fingers. Weird? Not exactly. Most people tend to pay more attention to the things they deem the more significant aspects of fashion while neglecting those they think fewer people would observe. 

Wrist Fashion for Men - Manners for Him

It’s okay to rock a Louis Vuitton jacket, a Polo Ralph sunglass, or some Nike shoes. However, most times, you do not need a big brand or label to stand out. Let’s take an example. 

We’ll pay attention to one detail often ignored by many who seem to rock the trendiest styles. 

What is the neglected power of the most functional body parts? You wouldn’t call the wrists to mind, or would you? Well, let’s see. 

Aside from the apparent important function for mobility and flexion, the wrist is a significant part of the body that plays a vital role in expressing fashion. Whether it’s a jacket, suit, or a simple T-shirt, the wrist is one of the body parts that frequently gets exposure. 

In all seasons except winter, of course, it’s hard to find anyone rocking something long enough to hide the wrist from view. 

Next, the wrist is pivotal to the hands and arms. These two parts of the body are those with frequent exposure. Whether you want to wave a friend, call a taxi, ask for a change, or even grab a bag, you’d need your arms and hands. These little activities draw attention to the hands and the wrists, which are so often in view. A simple hello given in a salute or an attempt to remove your cap on a sunny day is enough to draw attention to the wrists. Since this part of the body is often bare, any little detail to it is enough to catch an eye. 

Wonder why it’s easy to spot a friend who’s wearing a new bracelet when you can barely identify her shoes?

Yeah, that’s right. The wrist is a significant body part hiding in plain sight. A shiny wristwatch, a silver lucky charm bracelet, a gold Rolex, or even something as simple as a naked chain on the wrists are more easily identifiable than a $50 scarf or coat. 

What does your wrist say about you?

True, most people prefer to leave their wrists bare out of choice than negligence. However, if you’re very interested in fashion and love to experiment with different styles, this is for you. 

3 Essential Wrist Fashion for Men 

1. The Iconic Wristwatch

Are you already expecting this? Of course, this age-long item deserves the term iconic. Never outdated, the importance of this time-teller remains unrivaled. Rather than having to stare long ahead at the mantel clock above the door post or having to bring out your cell phone, this convenient item enables you to turn your wrists and determine how many minutes or hours you’ve got left. 

Whether it’s the good old leather watch or the trendy stainless steel or the gold-studded Rolex, a wristwatch on your wrists gives a classic aura to the wearer. If you want to give off the typical businessman, formal vibe, a wristwatch is the best way to complete that look. 

2. The Creatively Designed Bracelet

Bracelets were formerly perceived to be only female items. With the evolving trend of stainless steel, the jewelry market has been flooded with stainless steel bracelets to suit masculine and feminine tastes. 

Also quite trendy is the leather bracelets for men and women. The use of leather is to give off a confident air from the wearer. Like an “I know what I like and I rock it well” vibe.

Based on the color or design, a bracelet can fit in with any formal or casual style. Some bracelets even possess emotional values as personal texts or letters can be customized or engraved on their surface. With this trend growing at a steady rate, a lovely bracelet in your wrist is one way to call attention to your fashion style.

3. Wrist Chains

Often confused with bracelets, wrist chains have become widely used by many people today. Because of their sleek yet straightforward designs, wrist chains have been worn by people who want something inconspicuous yet do not want to leave their wrists bare. 

And yes, it does do the trick. It is hard to ignore a plain silver wrist chain, or the beauty of gold studded tiny wrist chain. Very popular among people with deeply religious values, a tiny wrist chain doesn’t call much attention yet adds it’s beauty to your wrists significantly. 

“I’m very interested in getting one of the above items.”

Manners Fashion is delighted to offer all the help you’d require. If rocking a wristwatch, bracelet, or a wrist chain is your thing, let us help you make the right choice. 

There’s a variety of designs and colors to pick from. But that’s not even the icing on the cake. Delivery is available worldwide! And what is more, you are given an assurance of a 30-day “no questions” asked return policy.

It can’t get any better than this. 

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